Joanna Krupa divorced her husband Romain Zago, What happened between them?

July 17, 2017
First Published On: July 17, 2017
by HitBerry

A Polish-American model Joanna is famous among mass for her elegant acting her glamorous looks. Although people don't express, Divorce is probably as painful as death. she filed a divorce with her husband.

After Former 'Real Housewives' star Joanna Krupa files for divorce with her husband Romain Zago, she has been spotlight among people. many people want to know about the reason behind her divorce. let's explore the whole story.

Joanna Krupa divorced her husband Romain Zago

Krupa and her husband Romain Zago were in a relationship for four years, but eventually, they had to file for divorce on July 10, 2017. But the couple resolved the problem supporting each other and filed the petition together.

Krupa and her husband Romain Krupa and her husband Romain source:

During the interview with DailyMail, Krupa told:

'It’s been an interesting day but it’s all good. We’re on great terms and I’m very grateful Romain is supporting me right now. We are on great terms, we talk more than ever.

Krupa, 38, posted to Instagram this weekend and allotted a picture of herself in a cozy red sweater including the caption:

“A positive attitude is the key to happiness. Always set your goals high and never be afraid of failure…. if u don’t try you will never know. Surround yourself with happy, warm humble and genuine people.”

The couple was in a deep relationship since 2010. The former pair got engaged in 2010 and married on 13 June 2013 in Aviara, Carlsbad, California, but due to some conflicts, they are living separately since December 2016. She recently alluded to an upcoming new project after her fan urged her to get her own reality show, talk show or sitcom.

Krupa past affairs

Before her marriage with Romain, she dated Wayne Boich, but things turned out ugly and they went separate ways. As she was frequently spotted with Mohamed Hadid, her dating rumor started in 2001. but later on, the rumor vanished into thin air.

krupa and Jensen Ackles Krupa and Jensen Ackles source:

Besides that, she was in a relationship with Jensen Ackles: an American actor. The couple dated each other for a couple of years but they eventually called it off in 2005. Then she met Romain Zago in 2005 and is still living together.