Joanna Gosling isn't a public person.

April 15, 2016
First published on:April 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Joanna Gosling , a BBC news presenter, broadcast journalist and an author grew up in Buckinghamshire. She was naturally academic at school, with an aptitude for languages.  She went on to study at the University Of Birmingham. After gaining a degree in French at the University of Birmingham, she decided on a career in broadcast journalism, starting out as a trainee at a radio station in Oxford. From there she joined Independent Radio News (which was affiliated with ITN at the time).  Joanna moved from radio to television, freelancing as a news reporter for Sky and ITV before being taken on as a BBC presenter in 1999.

She is an author of various books. Her first book, Simply Wonderwomen : A Survival Guide for women with too much to do, was published in October 2011. Her second, Homemade Simple: Stylish, Practical Makes for Living and Giving was published in September 2013.

Joanna Gosling and Craig Oliver got married in 1996. Joanna met Craig Oliver when she was working for Independent Radio News, affiliated to ITN. Her husband was then a trainee ITN reporter. Craig’s career progressed from reporter to producer and then to program editor at ITN. Craig Oliver succeeded Andy Coulson as Cameron’s £140,000-a-year communications chief in 2011. Gosling herself earns a hefty salary.

Gosling and Oliver's bond was alleged to be in trouble in 2014. The news about the power media couple’s separation was spreading in the nooks and corners while the couple refused to make any comments regarding their marriage. Later when Joanna Gosling was asked about their alleged separation, she said, “I have no comment to make on this. It is a personal matter between Craig and I. I don’t see myself as a public person.”

 It was held that the couple was living separately and assumed that the couple wanted to keep their divorce low key as one of their friends made this comment, “It’s an open secret in Downing Street and at the BBC that they are no longer living together, but there’s been no announcement. They want to keep it low key.”

The divorce was newsworthy but it turned out to be false as Joanna and her husband are still married and enjoying their togetherness with their three beautiful children. Joanna, her husband Craig and their three beautiful daughters live in the west London in a house they purchased from the sports presenter Mark Pougatch.

Joanna again in the year 2014 made a praiseworthy news when she handled a technical glitch in a smooth and professional manner. She was not at her desk for the start of her broadcast, the footsteps were heard while cameras focused on the empty chair, but she calmly apologized and continued as she would normally have. She received praise from the viewers on twitter for this. She truly is a great presenter who can handle any situation well and at 45, she still looks amazing, with perfect weight to go with her tall height and blonde hair.

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