Jimmy Bartel's wife talks about him and motherhood.

May 5, 2016
First Published On: May 5, 2016
by HitBerry

Nadia Bartel, wife of Australian rules footballer Jimmy Bartel in this mother’s day is much happier and emotional than ever. Take a look at this adorable family.

She would have two favorite boys by her side. One is her husband Jimmy and her little son Aston, born in November last year. She would be celebrating this mother’s day with a new taste as herself being a mother which is going be the best feeling for her.


This happy boy is 5 months today @jrb03 #timeflies

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Nadia was much touched and admired while seeing her husband’s pleasure and gladness after getting the baby boy keeping the pain of his childhood in his eyes.


I'm not sure who is having more fun. Evening giggles. #greatjokesAston

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It has been revealed that the Brownlow medalist, Jimmy had suffered from domestic violence at his own home from his father. He had seen is mother being beaten by her father as well as his sister and himself too. He has endured enormous domestic violence in his childhood.

Jimmy has spoken up about the matter in order avert such kinds of violence and could save the life.

Nadia says about her husband’s bitter childhood-

“It’s really hard for me to read it, it was really confronting. He did the interview and he told me what he spoke about, it’s something we’ve obviously always spoken about since we were together, but it’s really hard for Jim to talk about.”

He opens up more about the violence in Herald Sun.