Jessie Cave not only wants to talk about her dating life but also about her boyfriend's exes.

April 6, 2016
First Published On: April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

English actress, comedian, and cartoonist, Jessie Cave, who is best known as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter film series, opened up about her dating life and her boyfriend’s exes.

Comedian Cave believes that plenty of crazy things happened in her recent life. With infuriated originality and painful honesty, she revealed all about her affair with fellow comic Alfie Brown.

The Harry Potter star revealed that she had become pregnant with the child of Brown after a one night stand. However, the two decided to have the baby and fell in love eventually. In December 2014, Cave and her boyfriend, Brown celebrated the birth of their son, Donnie. But, they are not married yet.

At the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Cave was seen entertaining people by telling her relationship story.

Cave talked about how she had never been in a relationship before Brown and how she became pregnant from the guy who has been in so many relationships. She confronted that this insecurity impelled her to do lots of crazy things.

“I’ve never really been in a relationship before. And suddenly to be in a relationship and have a baby with someone and that someone has been in lots of relationship before. It’s completely propelled me into this new territory, which caused me to go a bit crazy,” Cave said.

She told that through social media as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, one can find very easily through their phone about what a person is really like. She added that such inventions have made people more prone to being completely mad in love. She also admitted to her being very much addicted to all of them.

However, she clarified that such addition can’t be an excuse for being a stalker and a crazy person. Although her illustration career requires her to be, she explained that she has no professional need to go online and search the entire back-story of her boyfriend’s exes.

In the Cave’s comedy show, I Loved Her, she played a heightened version of her neurotic self. She staged against a Tracey Emin- alike setting embellished with the names of Brown’s ex- girlfriends. Using huge cartoon masks, she animated her needy dialogues with Brown and replayed their courtship in shadow puppetry.

Though her performance was uncomfortably intimate and funny, she said that she is opening her heart and asked her audiences not to judge her.

It’s so honest,” she said. “It’s me opening my heart and saying, please, just listen to me and like me. Please don’t judge me. I felt soooo exposed. At the end of the show, I’d just hide.”

Cave had posted illustrations on her website Pindippy for her fans so that she could articulate things that she wish she could say or that she wish she did not say at the show. She said that she received a massive public response that gave her the confidence to do something like that onstage.

Her show ‘I Loved Her’ at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe became a huge success which has encouraged Cave to prioritize comedy at greater heights in her career.

Best remembered for her role as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series, she has also appeared in several movies and TV shows as Great Expectations, Pride, Tale of Tales, Trollied, Cranford, Glue and Call the Midwife.

The net worth of talented Cave has not been disclosed yet.