Jessica Seinfeld on her husband, Jerry Seinfeld.

The author of three cookbooks and founder of Baby Buggy-a New York-based charitable organization, Jessica Seinfield,44 is wife comedian Jerry Seinfield,62.

Her first marriage with Eric Nederlander broke off only in four months, she got married to Seinfield soon after. Her first marriage didn’t work out but her second is working splendidly because it’s Jerry she is with.

Jessica recently posted a picture of her husband with birthday wishes.


My Birthday Boy ??????

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Jessica and Jerry are now married for 16 years and have 3 children together but looking back at the time they first met, Jessica reflects, “When we got together it was August of 1998 and it was big baseball time… All we did was stay home and watch baseball and he kept looking over at me to make sure I was ok.” She went on, “I love sports… I could talk about baseball all day long.”

They are parents to three amazing children, on parenting Jessica revealed EXTRATV, “He wasn’t amazing from the beginning, that’s a really interesting thing I think about some men, some men are not automatically incredible fathers.”

 She added, “For Jerry he really grew into being a father that I could only dream of for my kids, so patient, so the opposite of me in a lot of ways.”

The author of three bestselling cookbooks began cooking when she was 5 to help her mother, who worked full-time as a social worker.

Delicious food can capture any man’s heart, especially your husband’s. She told PEOPLE at one of charity events “Chicken parmesan! It’s why Jerry wanted to marry me. It remains the glue of our family.”