Jessica Parker Kennedy has a new boyfriend!! Dating her “Black Sails” co-star Luke Arnold

HitBerryPublished on   24 Nov, 2015Updated on   24 Nov, 2015

Jessica Parker Kennedy, the star of the popular TV show “Black Sails”, has found new found love in her “Black Sails” co-star Luke Arnold.  Although their respective publicists have denied such claims and stated that they are just friends, things seem more complicated than that.

However, Jessica and Luke have been spotted bonding and enjoying couple-like activities at various destinations in Vancouver where the series is being shot. Some sources even claim that Luke has already invited Jessica to his home in Adelaide, Australia and they have plans to spend the up-coming Christmas together.

Jessica seemed excited about the coming Christmas hinting that she will not be spending the Christmas this time not under cold weather but rather on a beach down south in Australia.

Jessica first met Luke while filming for “Black Sails”. They immediately formed a warm bond with each other and started off as friends. But now, inside sources claim that they have moved on to being couples.

Apparently, Jessica has already showed him in and around her city and they have spent some time trekking and hiking in the many trails Canada has to offer. Both Jessica and Luke are outdoorsy and have said it was an integral part in the formation of their friendship.

Their adventurous nature has led them to try various adventure sports and they both have already gone on to sky dive, bungee jump , and are very keen on water sports, especially surfing which Luke has been teaching Jessica religiously. Jessica also taught Luke to snowboard and he says he is ever grateful to her for introducing her to a new experience.

Jessica has yet to make her breakthrough in movies, but has already been featured in a number of TV shows and TV movies.

Although she has been featured in a number of movies, nothing substantial has come of it. Her most prominent involvements have been in “Another Cinderella Story “,” 50/50” and “In Time”.

She is currently working on her TV shows that have been airing since 2014. The TV shows she appears in are “Black Sails” and “Newlyweds”. She is also known for her character in the popular US TV show 90210.

Jessica has never been married, but recently, she has been expressing her intention of getting married, stating that it it’s about time. When asked about her ideal husband, she has said she would like someone who is down to earth and loves her for who she is.

Jessica has been voted by her fans as one of the top ten Hot women in Canada. She is loved for her small stature and her cuteness. She has a short height as she stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall.

She isn’t much into social networking, but once in a while, she post pictures about her whereabouts and her day to day activities on Instagram. She can be followed as jparkerk3.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.