Jessica Biel talks about motherhood.

Being a mother is no joke. Not only are you the creator of a new life but somehow you link that new life to yours.
Jessica Biel Timberlake, who married singer Justin Timberlake in 2012, had a baby a year ago. The had a son-Silas who according to them is a complete joy. But she also mentioned how incredibly hard it was.

Jessica appeared in the exclusive interview with E! where she opened up about  motherhood.


"Probably the moment he wakes up from a nap. He's sort of looking around and you sort of creep up and look over the crib and he looks up and he goes"—Biel lets out a big sigh to demonstrate—"just a gummy mouth, no teeth, just a big smile, happy that you're alive, and you're just looking at him."

Then she moved towards more funny part- "You quickly move on from it because there is a dirty diaper in your palm”

The happiness as well as the difficulty of being a mother not only made Jessica realize of her mothers’ devotion and hardship she had faced bringing her up. She described the pain, challenges, rewards that she herself faced and made her think about her mother. This can be observed in her exclusive interview with Today.

"Oh, my gosh I'm going to call her right after this actually and just thank her. What you have to do for your kid — it's an astounding responsibility and the biggest joy ever."

Justin Timberlake is very supportive of her and has equal contribution to bringing Silas up. Jessica stated how Justin even wake up at night to change his diapers.  “He is doing it all," said Jessica. "He is in there. He's in there deep.