Jes Macallan and husband Jason Gray-Stanford, married since 2012, thinking of having babies next year

October 2, 2015
First Published On: October 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Jes Macallan is one of the hottest Television actresses in America at the moment. She is known for portraying the character of Josslyn Carver in the AMC drama Mistresses and has captivated a lot of attention from men all over the world for her portrayal of the sexy Josslyn.

But, in real life, she is far from being a mistress. Macallan is married to actor Jason Gray-Stanford, who is widely known for playing the character of Randy Disher in the popular US TV show “Monk”.

The pair have recently said that they will be starting a family as early as the fall of 2016. Some of Jes’s close friends have said that she is very excited to be a mother and has been constantly asking her friends with children for advice on how to take care of kids and deal with pregnancy already.

 Jes married Jason in the year 2012. The marriage took place in the early days of spring and was an extravagant affair according to some of the people who attended it. Jes and Jason have time and again expressed their hopes of starting a family as fast as they can, but their overly hectic schedule has given them no time to plan something like that.

However, Jes and Jason have said that when Jes finishes her ongoing project of filming “Mistress” and their work schedule gets slightly lighter, they will be taking a short Hiatus to go on a honeymoon and plan out there future with due thought.

 Jes and Jason did not get to go for a honeymoon after their marriage as she had to begin shooting for her show “Mistresses “right away. The couples got to spend only two days after their marriage and were seen immediately continuing with their respective projects.

It has been reported by the show Mistresses’ producers that Jes’’s husband Jason will be getting a special cameo appearance on the show next season. Jes and Jason seemed to be very excited about this and are looking forward to working together on screen. Having never before appeared together on screen, they have said they don’t exactly know if the forthcoming experience is going to be difficult or rather too easy.

Jes is a woman who is very active in the field of charity and animal protection. She has been known to be out spoken on many issues regarding animal cruelty and preservation of endangered animals. She has also said that her love for animals has led her to rescue as many pets as she can “without being a hoarder”.

Jes Macallan is just thirty three years of age and is already considered one of the finest women in the Television industry for her beautiful looks and charming behavior.  Her looks are highly talked about in the industry and this has a lot to do with her tall height. She is 5ft9 which is around 1.75 meters.

She is an active user of social net working platforms like Twitter and Instagram, posting feeds regularly and updating her fans about her day to day life. She is also considered to be a highly opinionated person. She can be followed on Twitter @jesmacallan and on Instagram as jesmacallan.