Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino's Net Worth down to $500,000, appearing in Marriage Bootcamp with girlfriend Lauren Pesce

February 2, 2018
First Published On: July 2, 2015

Some year back, if anyone had said Michael Paul Sorrentino is the male version of Kardashian, he may probably have been right. Sorrentino made more than $5 million in 2010, the second highest of any other reality star after Kim Kardashian.


Mike Sorrentino Source of Income

This money was acquired through endorsements with Devotion Vodka, Reebok, Zigtech shoes as well as a ghost-written autobiography, a rap song, a workout DVD, a vitamin line for GNC, a clothing line, and appearances including Jersey Shore and Dancing with the Stars. Certainly a hell lot of money for a guy who lost his job as an assistant manager of a fitness center at the age of 25. 

Fast forward a few years and well, life’s certainly not giving Sorrentino a good time. With a measly net worth of $500 thousand dollars, the former reality TV star is the only Shore member to not earn in the figures of million. And how would he? The 32-year-old has constantly been making headlines for financial and legal woes.

Mike Sorrentino Legal issues

In fact, in September 2014, was charged with tax fraud. After living in the stardom of the Jersey Shore, the 32-year-old is now under the shadows. The MTV reality show may just be the greatest height of stardom he achieves now that his age is limiting his choices.

As for his popularity, he has been gaining a lot of media coverage owing to his legal troubles. Just a little trivia, he was reportedly paid a lot of money by fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch to NOT wear the company’s clothes. That’s gotta hurt!

Mike Sorrentino Early life and Education

Born in West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York, Sorrentino grew up in Manalapan Township, New Jersey and received his education from Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School and Manalapan High School, where he graduated in 2000. This is where he apparently met Lauren Pesce, his college girlfriend and reports suggest future wife.

Today, the couple is engaged and are appearing on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. As for his family, Sorrentino did not have a good childhood as he often describes he grew up with abusive parents. Even after growing up, he and his father definitely had some issues unresolved. After his father posted series of videos defaming Sorrentino, he sued his father back in 2011. Definitely not a healthy father-son relationship.

Even though he may not be enjoying success currently, his stints at “Jersey Shore” and other many media channels have contributed to creating a huge fanbase. His Twitter account has 1.45 million people whereas his Instagram has 311K followers. Now that’s something to be proud of.

Having started his career as an underwear model, Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino has come a long way from where he started. Anyways, we do hope to see him back in reality T.V. pretty soon.