Jeremy Vine to lead the hunt for the new season of 'Eggheads.'

May 5, 2016
First published on:May 5, 2016
by HitBerry

 CJ de Mooi left the ‘Eggheads’ show along with the following twitter note.

Hunt for new ‘eggheads’ has already started, and Jeremy vine is the man leading the hunt for the new eggheads for the new season as tweeted by vine himself.

Vine told The Telegraph: "I am proud to present one of the UK's most successful quizzes of all time and hugely excited that we are in the hunt for two more Eggheads."

Source: The Telegraph

"Whoever wins a place on the distinguished panel will, I guarantee, have the time of their life - sitting between Kevin Ashman and Judith Keppel and getting more questions thrown at them than they ever dreamed of.

"But I know this will be a hot contest - superbrain versus superbrain in that famous studio. So if you want to be an Egghead, roll up now!"

The official announcement for the new eggheads search has also been made. Eggheads Official tweeted,

Egghead Producer, Robert Dean also made the announcement for a vacancy created for a male and a female Egghead, to join the show for next season.

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