Jeremy Jordan, age 31, opens up about dating, falling in love with and getting married to his wife Ashley Spencer

HitBerryPublished on   31 Jan, 2016Updated on   07 May, 2021

Born on November 20th, 1984, actor Jeremy Jordan has been married to his wife Ashley Spencer since 2012. This doting husband recently revealed how much in love he was with his wife as well as a few other things in an interview. In the interview with the site playbill, he talks about how he first met, dated and fell in love with Ashley.

When the Actor-Singer was asked about how he first met his wife, he replied, "My first date was sort of a blind date with Ashley. We technically met on Facebook.”

"I had seen a couple pictures of her, but I never met her, and it was after a show. I was in a show, and she met me outside my theatre."

Jeremy further added-

”I was on the street, and she was up on the curb, and she walked up behind me, and she said, "Are you Jeremy?"

"I turned around, and she was in like ten-inch heels, and I look up, and she's like this Amazonian, blonde, gorgeous princess, and I was like, "Guhh!" We went to dinner, and we started to get drinks — I wasn't much of a drinker, but I needed a little bit of liquid courage that night. "

The reporter asked if the drink really worked to which Jeremy replied-

"Right about then was when the alcohol kicked in, and I opened up and stopped being shy. Then, after that, we went and had margaritas, and then we went and did karaoke. We did [one of] those little Japanese karaoke booths, where you can go in…"

” There's one right in midtown, and so we rented a little room, and we sang karaoke for like two hours, and then we made out. And, that was that! That was our first date."

When asked about what was his marriage like, the singer turned actor says, "It was more than I'd anticipated it to be. I was kind of preparing for the worst — not in like, "She's going to leave me at the altar" kind of worst — but like, "There's going to be some kind of drama. Family is getting together. It's supposed to rain. There's going to be all those things."

 “Some of those things happened, but it was still the best day ever. There's so much stress and drama going into planning a wedding — the worst thing ever — but it was totally all worth it for me.”

The singer has been married to his long term girlfriend and Broadway performer Ashley Spencer for four years. Their relationship is pretty smooth.

He was asked about the greatest challenge in a relationship, he replied, "I think it's something that everybody has in their relationships, which makes this show so relatable —people not listening to each other."

The singer and actor has performed live on several stage performances. Not only that ,he has done several movies and TV shows .

He has received seven nominations on national level awards and bagged a Theatre World Award for Outstanding debut.

He is a self –made actor and singer with a prosperous life and his life is an example for all of us.