Jenny Mollen and her husband, Jason Biggs, who she's been married to for almost 8 years, sold their new film rights to Cinedigm

HitBerryPublished on   16 Mar, 2016Updated on   25 May, 2021

It has been confirmed that Cinedigm has acquired the rights to the movie ‘Amatuer Night’. The movie starrs Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs, who are husband and wife in real life. The amount of the money involved in this deal, however, remains unrevealed yet.

The movie was formerly called ‘Drive, She Said’, but the name of the movie was changed during its screening at the ‘Berlin film Festival’. The movie will be released to public in mid-2016. Cinedigm has also confirmed that the movie will be made available in digital and VOD platform by mid-2017.

The movie is based on the real life experience of the director of the movie Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario. The script focuses on how the protagonist of the movie gets around the streets of LA, working as a driver for call girls, while his wife is pregnant with their first child.

The actors who play the lead role in the movie also have very interesting relationship. Mollen met with her husband Jason Biggs while filming of ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’. The relation only got stronger for there and the couple tied the knot on 23rd of April 2008. The ceremony was held at City Hall in Los Angeles California. Their only son, Sid, was born on February 15, 2014, nearly 6 years after their marriage.  

The couple is very close to each other. They are even hosting a Radio show together on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM beginning July 25th.  The show will reportedly revolve around family life, sex, parenting and their own married life.  Given the couples excellent chemistry and twisted sense of humor, the show is expected to be a success.

The actress had a deep interest in acting since her childhood. To fulfill her dreams of being an actor, she attended UCLA, from where she graduated with a degree in Film Studies. Her first appearance was in the movie ‘Billy Makes the Cut.’ After that she has appeared in several other famous movies and TV shows.  Her appearance in  ‘ Crazy, Stupid, Love’,  ‘Life Happens’ and ‘Off the Edge’ were well appreciated by both critics and her fans alike.

Apart from acting Mollen also pursues an active career as a writer. She has written the script for the short film “Kidnapping Caitlynn’. She has released several comedic essays and books. Her book ‘I like You Just the Way I am’ reached number 12 on The New York Times Best Seller in June of 2014.  

Her fans can follow Mollen on Twitter @jennyandteets. Posts about her personal life and professional undertakings are to be found in her Twitter, which is already followed by 182k of her fans.

The actress’s net worth is estimated to be in region of One million dollars.