Jennifer Metcalfe gives out a few Hollyoaks spoilers, also recently seen out about town with boyfriend Greg Lake

July 26, 2015
First Published On: July 26, 2015
by HitBerry

The E4’s hit show Hollyoaks is full of drama lately. The news of the famous cast members either leaving or being axed have been making headlines all over the media. The recent sacking of Stephanie Davis for appearing drunk on the set of the show and the announcement made by Jorgie Porter about her leaving the show to try out her luck in Hollywood movie industry has created enough buzz to thrill the audiences, but the case is somehow different with Jennifer Metcalfe.

The Hollyoaks star who stepped away from the show last year to take time to relax and enjoy her time with her boyfriend made her comeback again in February 2015. And now she is killing the fans of Hollyoaks with excitement as she revealed the show spoilers this season.

The actress who was recently seen enjoying a romantic dinner date with her partner Greg Lake revealed quite a bit about the upcoming episodes of Hollyoaks.

Metcalfe says that the romance between Mercedes Mcqueen (herself) and Joe might rekindle because of her pregnancy.

Mercedes, who supposedly died (the decision made because of her temporary leave from the show), is expecting a baby with Joe. The pregnancy is the result of the pair’s one-night stand in France earlier this year.

As told by the sexy star, Mercedes decides to keep the baby despite her doubts. The actress also revealed that, in upcoming episodes, she aims to help Joe to walk again as soon as possible.

Metcalfe explained: "Joe is still in the mix for Mercedes, but we haven't actually got together yet so it won't be on screen for a while. It's more of a friendship that they're building. It's a slow-burner and it's really nice.

"Joe is using a wheelchair and she's helping him to recover. She's really compassionate towards him. It's a nice, soft friendship that takes them by surprise when it starts becoming romantic.

"I think Mercedes is going to give motherhood a good go this time. I think it's her chance to make up for what happened with her son Bobby. She's really excited and I think she's up for it now that she's a bit more grown up."

When asked about the return of Bobby in the show, the hot beauty said: "I don't know, it'd be great though. He's such a cute kid. I keep in touch with his mum and he's doing really well - he's got a little sister now."

There’s another big love twist for all the eager audiences as Mercedes will be caught kissing Lockie Campbell who is the husband of her cousin.

Metcalfe added more to the spoiler: "Mercedes and Lockie comes out of the blue on screen. We were literally reading the scripts and the next minute we were going behind some bins snogging. We were wondering, 'How did that happen?' They were probably drunk and just went for it because they can.

"I think she does feel guilty about Porsche, but only as guilty as Mercedes can feel guilty! There's not much love lost between her and Porsche. Maybe there is a little bit of a, 'Yeah, I'll get you back bitch!' just because of how horrible she is to her all the time!"

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Now she maintains a fit body with a healthy diet. She enjoys a public life and regularly posts pictures of herself on Instagram and Twitter.