Jennifer Lahmers divorced James Bosworth. Check her Instagram posts

May 8, 2017
First Published On: May 8, 2017

Jennifer Lahmers is a talented Fox News Reporter. She won the hearts of millions through her admiring skills and beautiful face. She is one of the hottest FOX journalists in the town. Today, find out who Jennifer Lahmers divorced.

The sizzling hot Jennifer Lahmers is secretive regarding her personal life. Here, we will let you know her marital life with James Bosworth. Check out more…

Jennifer Lahmers divorced James Bosworth

Let's start from the beginning. James Bosworth proposed Lahmers in early 2011 and soon after the couple tied the knot in Carmel, Calif on July 2, 2011. The couple exchanged their rings before two years of their wedding ceremony.  As per sources, the couple shared a strong bond relationship but looks like there is something different written for them.

Speaking at their wedding ceremony, the couple married in a lavishing ceremony. Their special day began with NBC's "The Voice" winner ">Javier Colon's song "Time After Time". You can check out their beautiful wedding photos right below….

Jennifer Lahmers and James Bosworth's Wedding Album Jennifer Lahmers and James Bosworth's Wedding Album  Source: ctnow

After spending a joyful moment for few years, problems got into their way. As Jennifer and James were busy in their respective career, the couple could not spend quality time together. Lahmers filed a case for divorce after they appeared happily on WSFB's "Face of the State". Their marital life came to the end after a couple of years of their wedding.

The couple was dragged into numerous controversies after their divorce got finalized. As per some sources, the couple got divorced after their second anniversary. The exact reason behind their divorce is kept behind the curtains. However, some people claim that their busy schedule showed negative influence in their relationship.

Jennifer Lahmers's Instagram Post

It is true that Jennifer is secretive regarding her personal life but she shared numerous posts on her official Instagram account for her fans. While checking her Instagram account, she seems to be fond of yoga and exercises.

She posted numerous photos and videos of yoga claiming herself as a yoga person. In addition to it, she also posted many pictures flaunting her sexy body. You can enjoy her posts here…


Jennifer Lamhers's Instagram Jennifer Lahmers's Instagram  Source: instagram

Jennifer Lahmers's Instagram Jennifer Lahmers's Instagram   Source: instagram

The above posts from her Instagram account clearly reflect she is happily enjoying her life. There is no doubt she is super sexy!