Jenna Dewan goes on breakfast with her husband Channing Tatum, Know her affairs and relationship

July 3, 2017
First Published On: July 3, 2017
by HitBerry

It's often said that romance decreases between the couple after their marriage. But unlikely the romance still continues for the American actress Jenna Dewan even after nine long years of marriage. She recently spotted enjoying her breakfast with her husband Channing Tatum in Los Angeles.

Jenna Dewan; a versatile actress and dancer of Hollywood rose to the fame after she appeared as Nora in the2006 film Step Up. The 36-year-old American Diva shares a good marital relation with husband Channing. While she also dated a few number of boyfriends before she met husband, Channing.

Gorgeous Actress Jenna Dewan went for a breakfast with Husband Channing Tatum

Actress Jenna reached LA with her husband Channing at the premiere of the new NBC series World of Dance. It held in the LA on 31st May and the show is currently hitting the television ratings in America. The stuff that took a more limelight than that is the breakfast date of Jenna with husband Channing on Wednesday morning.

Actress Jenna Dewan and her husband Channing Tatum after their breakfast in LA Actress Jenna Dewan and her husband Channing Tatum after their breakfast in LA, Source:

The stunning Step Up actress and dancer showcased her toned figure in a split side sweater, flashing the toned waist. On the other hand, Channing, the American actor of 37 looked as simple as always; walking on a sported denim jeans behind his wife of eight years.

Actress Jenna Dewan after premiere of the World of Dance Actress Jenna Dewan after the premiere of the World of Dance, Source:

The greatly in love married couple went for a sweet breakfast on Wednesday morning as they got some spare time over there. They spotted at Jennifer Lopez's house watching the premiere of World of Dance on Tuesday night.

Jenna Dewan's Married life with Channing Tatum and Her Previous Relations too

Well, one of the greatly admired married couple of the Hollywood Jenna and Channing lives a healthy married life. After the couple married on July 11, 2009, they have spent a lot more quality times with each other. Prior to the marriage, the couple dated each other for over three years.

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The couple first met each other in 2006 on the set of their movie Step Up. They developed a good relation during they're working on the film and started dating soon after. The couple became engaged by the September 2008 after being together for over two years.

Actor Channing Tatum with wife Jenna Dewan Actor Channing Tatum with wife Jenna Dewan, Source:

The couple took no longer time than nine months after their engagement to tie a knot with. They took a vow at the Church state Vineyards in Malibu. During their eight years long marital relation, they celebrated their parenthood for once. They welcomed their first baby girl in June 2013.

Jenna Dewan and her ex-boyfriend Shane West Jenna Dewan and her ex-boyfriend Shane West, Source:

Before Jenna developed her relation with husband Channing, she dated two more boyfriends according to the source. Her relation with the actor Shane West took a good limelight at the E-town. She dated the American actor Shane for about two years starting from 2003 and she broke up with her in 2005. Apart from Shane, she also dated an American singer Justin Timberlake for a few month in 2002.