Jemima Kirke blames her acting Career for her Divorce with Michael Mosberg, Know about her Married Life

February 11, 2017
First published on:February 11, 2017
by HitBerry

British artist and actress, Jemima Kirke, is best known for her role as Jessa Johansson on the series Girls. The beautiful actress was married to Michael Mosberg, a former lawyer, in 2009. There was no any kind of rumors regarding their personal life.

Recently, the news of break up between them is going in a mass flow. Jemima Kirke has officially announced that they are no longer in any kind of relationship. Jemima Kirke has said that acting led her to divorce. Let’s know more about it.

Jemima Kirke and Michael Mosberg


Jemima Kirke says that her Acting Career led to the split of seven years of Marriage.

Jemima Kirke and Michael Mosberg divorced after seven years of relationship. Jemima says that her life has changed so much because of acting. Sometimes when she is acting, she thinks that she is not the real Jemima. Jemima and Michael first met when Kirke was doing a stint at a rehab in her 20s.

He was planning to open a rehab in Brooklyn. Jemima and Michael have two kids, a six-year-old daughter, Rafaella Mosberg and a son Memphis Mosberg, who is just four.

Jemima with her children


The two split since summer but Jemima has addressed the divorce directly to the press just recently. Jemima states that acting made her look close to her personal life. She decided that was not what she wanted.

She says she was not good at making decisions, but as she became more focused on her acting career, she began to look at herself and ask many questions. She began to figure out what she wanted, and finally, she realized that she can make her decisions. So, she blames acting for her divorce.

It has been known that Jemima is partying hard and drinking after the divorces, while in relationship Michael suggested her not to do so. However, we don’t know why she started that again and if it has anything to do with the divorce. After the couple went their separate ways, Michael was seen dating Raya last summer.

Michael and Jemima at a fashion event


It seems that Jemima has taken the decision very seriously so that she can actually get what she wants. She is a strong woman who has a proper idea of what she should do and what she should avoid. Have a look at the video to know more.

For your information, Jemima is about to appear in the final season of Girls that gets aired on February 12, 2016, on HBO.