Jeff Glor is the new anchor of CBS Evening News

October 30, 2017
First published on:October 30, 2017
by HitBerry

CBS program announced that Emmy award winner Jeff Glor is the new evening news anchor after five months of Scott Pelley's takeoff. He was with the news division for quite a while in various points of confinement, including as lead catch for CBSN, the division's spilling video advantage.

When the previous anchor Scott Pelly left for 60 minutes of time Anthony Mason did in the place of Scott. The president of CBS News David Rhodes announced that Jeff is the new evening news anchor.

More about his appearances in CBS news

Jeff is a rising star for CBS since 2011 appearing as a news anchor a co-anchor on The Early Show it's name was changed to “CBS This Morning”.

In fact, in these recent years, he has been the new face of CBS and is covering leader breaking news, which includes the mass shoot in Las Vegas in past months. Rhodes said.

He ended up working with every executive producer internally and took all those assignments,” “The time that many people might have used to raise their profile, he spent doing the work.”

Jeff Glor in his show Jeff Glor in his show
Source: The Wrap

David Rhodes also added that Jeff is “kind of done every job here” where he is attached to the network since 2007. Jeff has also anchored the weekend edition of “CBS Evening News”. So, let's see how good does Jeff handle this new responsibility as an anchor of CBS Evening News.