Who is Jeanine Pirro Dating Currently after Divorcing Albert Pirro? Know about her Affairs, Relationship, and Children

Bruno MarsPublished on   23 May, 2018Updated on   27 Apr, 2021

After spending 38 years together with her ex-husband Albert Pirro, the long-term love relationship came to an end. 66 years old American former judge and television personality Jeanine Pirro decided to get separated from her husband and got divorced in 2013. What went wrong between Pirro and Albert? Is she currently dating anyone?


The sad news about the divorce of Jeanine and Albert aired in the year 2013, which shocked the whole world. Living 38 years of their romantic married life together had made their bond stronger, but yet the fact came out as they got separated. Jeanine shared two children with Albert. Beside her divorce, Jeanine looks stronger and happier and is living her life freely and we can see her out of pain. So let us know more about her relationship and affairs.

Who is Jeanine Pirro Dating?

Jeanine Pirro, after the divorce with her long-term husband Albert Pirro looks to be currently single. She seems to be living her current life freely and happily.

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CAPTION: American Tv personality and Judge Jeanine Pirro SOURCE: twitter.com

Beside of facing sad ending with her long-term love Pirro is very happy in her recent days, as she looks to be focusing more in her profession and career development more than spending her time to find her new love. She looks very dedicated to her job as she often keeps sharing pictures of her tours and visits.

Youtube: Jeanine Pirro at the U.S embassy, Jerusalem

Jeanine is having a very wonderful time and is doing good with her job. She is very happy meeting her old friend and often spends her good time having dinner with some great people.

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CAPTION: Jeanine Pirro in a dinner with John Bolton SOURCE: Instagram

Jeanine is also giving a good time to her children even after the family has been separated after her divorce. She keeps sharing the picture of her with her son and daughter expressing her happiness via social media. We can see the beautiful bond of her with her children; she has been a great mother as we can see both of her child happy and grown up.

CAPTION: Jeanine Pirro having a good time with her daughter Christi Pirro SOURCE: Instagram

Jeanine Pirro relationship with Alberto Pirro 

Jeanie Pirro got married to Alberto Jr. Pirro, however, the couple could not carry on their relationship until the end of their life. Jeanine and Alberto tied the knot in 1975 and divorced in 2013.

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CAPTION: Jeanine Pirro with her ex-husband Alberto Pirro SOURCE: The Immoral Minority

Jeanine and Alberto got divorced after spending their romantic married life together for 38 years. The couple shared the children together; a son Alexander Pirro and a daughter Christi Pirro.

Though the couple once got into trouble in 2007, they got divorced in 2013. The trouble started when Alberto was suspected to be in an affair with his lawyer's wife, Lisa Santangelo in 2006. Also, Alberto was charged in 34 Counts of Tax Evasion and Conspiracy. With his unfaithful and irresponsible behavior, they had trouble with each other which ended up with a divorce.

Ten Facts about Jeanine Pirro

1. Jeanine Pirro full name is Jeanine Ferris Pirro.
2. She was born on June 2, 1951, in Elmira, New York, USA.
3. Jeanine Pirro's net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.
4. She is best known for her loyal Pro-Trump Comentry.
5. She was the first female judge elected to the Westchester County.
6. She is a Republican politician in New York.
7. She lost the General Election to Andrew Cuomo.
8. During her school, she was an editor of law review.
9. In 2003 Pirro released the nonfiction book To Punish and Protect.
10. She is practicing Catholic.