Jayni Chase' Husband Chevy Chase's Net worth: Know all the Details about his Salary, Career and Awards

October 19, 2017
First Published On: October 19, 2017
by HitBerry

Every people love entertaining and want someone to entertain themselves. Today in this section we are getting the opportunity to know another versatile comedian and an actor Chevy Chase. The one who made a place in the billions of people’s heart playing in numerous series and appearing as a coordinator in the talk shows.

Well, we know Chevy professionally getting personally he is the husband of Jayni Chase and has already welcomed three children. But today in this article we are touching with Chevy’s net worth career and the awards he won for his performances.

Let us dive into it!!!

How much is Chevy Chase’s Net worth:

Everyone must be curious to know the income which an American comedian earns. A wise man winning billions of people’s heart is succeeding to the fullest. Since it is said that Chevy influenced many other comedians who came after he entered to this field. He may accumulate the money which he deserves from his acting field.

Chevy Chase Chevy Chase                                                                                            Source: Yahoo

Revealing you the suspense of Chevy’s net worth, his estimated net worth is $50 million which is not a small amount. Chevy started earning with the amount of $750 per program in Saturday Night Live. However, He kept on giving his one to the full and now he is earning an unbelievable amount $50 million.

Know Chevy Chase's Career:

In 1967 Chevy stepped into the field of comedy as a member of Channel One's co-founder. He was the writer of the TV show Smothers Brothers in 1975. Chevy joined media making comedy thing his professional career in 1973 as the cast member of radio series The National Lampoon Radio Hour.

After that, Chevy joined as the member of the Saturday Night Live which was the late night television show on NBC on October of 1975. He used to run every show except the live program from New York ‘Saturday Night’.

Chevy Chase enjoying his passion Chevy Chase enjoying his passion
Source: Daily Mail

Chevy became the original host for the  Weekend Update of SNL and the way he introduced before the program touched many hearts and became  opening statement:

“I’m Chevy Chase and you’re not'.

Chevy did a shit load of programs and shows which have made him a household name in America.

In 1976 in the mid of the second season of SNL Chevy was the first member to leave the show. He stated that the main reason behind him leaving the show was his girlfriend Jacquilin Carlin who moving to New York. Chevy moved to Los Angeles and married to Jacqueline. Bill Murray came in the place of Chevy and he appeared in a few shows in the second season.

Chevy Chase Chevy Chase                                                                       Source: Celeb Net Wealth

However, Chevy hosted the SNL for eight seasons and he came also appeared in SNL's 25th anniversary in 1999 and was interviewed for the NBC special. In 2015 he involved in the 40

In 2015 he again showed up for the 40th anniversary of NBC. Chevy appeared in numerous films and his most remembered role so far is Eric in the National Lampoons Animal House.

Chevy Chase’s Awards:

Chevy is able to win numerous awards for his hard work which he did to represent the Hollywood industry. He has won many awards and nominations; He was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture.

Chevy Chase Awarded Chevy Chase Awarded,                                                                   Source: YouTube

He became the nominee for the Outstanding Writing in a  comedy variety for Primetime Emmy Award and won the Primetime Emmy Awards in 1976. Likewise, Chevy won the Emmy awards in 1978 as an Outstanding writer in a Comedy-Variety.