Jay Jopling as the protagonist in art world

May 20, 2016
First published on:May 20, 2016
by HitBerry

For around two decades Art dealer and Gallerist Jay Jopling has become an important name in the art world. Starting up his first art gallery way back in 1993, Jay has become a key figure in repositioning London as the leading international center for contemporary art.

Jay is the founder of London’s White Cube Gallery Empire which sees thousands of world’s wealthiest collectors coming to look at his mesmerizing art collection.

"To be that successful you have got to be strong in two areas," he says. "You have to choose the right artists and keep them happy, and then you have got to be able to sell to collectors and museums. It is unusual to be good at both."

"Jay told me a long time ago that if he couldn't be the best at what he does he wasn't interested," says White Cube's exhibitions director Tim Marlow. "The Bermondsey gallery is an affirmation of that. He wants a complex of galleries that will allow him to do the best shows with the best possible artists."

If art world is his movie, then Jay Jopling would certainly be its protagonist.