Jay Chou and his wife, Hannah, who already have a daughter together expecting another baby?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Music personality Jay Chou and his wife Taiwanese model Hannah Quinlivan are already the parents of a baby girl Hathaway, and the couple surely wants another baby too. According to Asian E-News Portal, Quinlivan wrote on Weibo on February 22, "Want to try it again when having big stomach next time!" and the peoples commented there to try for a baby boy now. Chou has revealed that he wants five children with his wife and he expects for more baby boys so that he could treat them like his friends when they would be young and his behavior towards daughter would be strict as he has to worry for them. There first baby is now 8 months old.

The couple married on 17 January, 2015. The wedding ceremony took place in Selby, Abbey of North Yorkshire. The couple did three receptions at castle Howard, Taipei, and Australia. And Chou’s marriage at castle Howard, England gained the Castle’s website around 50 million viewers. The couple had dated since 2010 and Chou was admired by Hannah at the first look. And the family was known about their relation where Chou’s mother had already started treating Hannah as her daughter-in-law. Hannah had accompanied Chou enormously in his bad situations which made Chou to take the fix decision of making Hannah his life partner.

Chou, a multiple media personality is a Chinese musician, singer, song writer, record producer, actor, film director, television personality, radio host and philanthropist was born in 18 January 1979. Chou released his debut album in 2000, Jay (2000) and since then his music has been recognized in the countries like Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, United States and Australia. The first album of Chou made him get the huge success. Chou has sold more than 30 million albums and has received numerous awards for his works. He has acknowledged his influence on popular culture. He had done six world tours performing around the cities fot the concert.

In the small age of 4, Chou’s mother had noticed his interest towards music and took him for the piano lessons. During his childhood he was attracted with capturing sounds and songs with his tape recorder, which he used to carry everywhere and used to imitate TV actors and do magic tricks. Chou was very talented and interested towards music since his childhood and now has got the success which he had dreamed for in his early days.

Chou has debuted in acting career from the movie Initial D (2005) and made his Hollywood debut in 2011 co-starring in The Green hornet. Since then he had been known to western audiences and ventured in many other movies projects.

The net worth of music star Chou is $185 million, an impressive amount.