Jawed Karim Net worth: He is worth $140 million. See his big house in US

HitBerryPublished on   05 Dec, 2016Updated on   07 May, 2021

Who founded a platform for all musicians? How much does he earn? This is a question that all people who gain knowledge and entertainment from the world famous site called youtube have in their brains.


People hold on! We, in this article, are going to enlighten your perspective regarding youtube and its founder Jawed Karim in detail. Karim is a global sensation born in Germany, to Bangladeshi parents and recently holds an American nationality.

The platform which gave a face to Justin Biber and many other free artists who believe in creation. And at the same time reached to millions of homes and millions and millions of student who want to learn something from thousands of educational channels.

It was formed by a Bangladeshi descendant Jawed Karim along with his other partners Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. 

Caption: Image if Jawed Karim, taken at Stanford

We are all thankful for his effort and without further delay, we bring up the salary, net worth and personal life of Jawed to our valued readers. In this digest, we are not going to talk about how he came up with the idea of forming the google owned youtube.

We will rather discuss his personal life and his net worth is based totally on his personal data.

Jawed Karim has the net worth of $140 million

The student of Information Technology, Karim along with Chad Hurley and Steve Chen founded the video sharing channel on 23rd April 2005 the first ever uploaded video was Me at the zoo. The global platform was later sold to Google for $1.65 billion U.S dollars. 

Caption: Bird's eyes location of Kareem's house

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen received more than Kareem because Kareem had a role of an adviser after the youtube was brought into action to focus on his studies.

He still received 137,443 shares which were evaluated to be at the stock price of $470.01 per share which exactly is calculated to be USD $ 64,599,584.43.

In words sixty-four million five hundred and ninety-nine thousand five hundred and eighty-four dollars and fifty cents -9 pence. Which in the course of ten years has increased to be around USD $140 million? 

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