Jason Katims Rise Creator Blogs About Its Relevant And Innately Political Timing

March 14, 2018 by arjun

Rise is the NBC’s new series that present an inspirational high school teacher in Pennsylvania who brings a group of teens and eventually, a town together using his love of theater. What the creator/showrunner Jason Katims Blogs, when asked about the series, is below.


Jason Katims wedding anniversary and 2016 presidential election happened to fall on the same date. He and his wife planned to celebrate the anniversary night ordering dinner and watching the history being made as the first American woman Hillary Clinton wins the election.

But instead, the hand grip on champagne flutes become gradually tighter as Pennsylvania including Ohio and Michigan turned red. Keeping aside what you vote today and which party you are, we millions of Americans acknowledge that we live in a bubble.

Tired of being overlooked Rust Belt American rose up and involved in the American conversation. When their voice rose it pushed other American citizens who felt their basic civil and human right in danger. That night we woke from the dream world.

And this was the precise moment when Katims started the script for Rise.

CAPTION: Jason Katims  SOURCE: Twitter

With passing month he cannot control him from seeing the close connection between the imagined town of Pennsylvania, he was writing and the rust belt states whose voice were now loud enough to hear by other countries.

“We are not you, we are not you referring Washington D.C. and NY City.”

Talking personally Katims want to shout “We are not you, Hollywood.”

Katims start to realize that his show was more similar to Glee than House of Cards, but he soon found it was due to the relevant and innately political timing.

According to Katims a TV series that is about art turned to be 2016 election due to its timing. When the arts in the public education school burns under fire in Rise for 10 consecutive Tuesday nights, it will begin chants “what is happened with the theater kids was magic.”

It was vital and that will change their lives and that cannot be ignored.

Then the growing courage in Rise student matches the parkland student. We know how the frustration and anger burst out against the leaders.

Rise is compelling show says Katims, as it is a show that reflects a town different from theatre show. The show is not destined to make student popular but to acknowledge their talent which they are unaware until now.

The first episode of the Rise speaks a lot. It shows how they struggled to find their true identity. It feels more deepen to watch the high school students shine on the stage like what next, what next in the episodes.

Lilette, a female character who struggle in restaurants to make the balance between her work and school. The Maashous fighting foster care system is a lighting designer. Trans Kid Michael, Simon, a gay struggling to find a safe harbor.

Moreover, Katims fiction story reflects same citizens who elected recent president. Rather of making comment Katims was compelled with his work Rise as it might witness viewers what it actually feels like after watching the show.

Talking about Josh Radnor for Lou Mazzucchelli in Rise, he signed the contract eventually after listening to the story. Josh said, at this moment he wanted to do something that makes him proud and at the same time Katims realize he will perfectly fit Lou.