Jason Dohring reveals himself to be a family man, talks about his wife and two children

Jason Dohring, who many Veronica Mars fans will forever identify as lovable bad-boy Logan Echolls is apparently a family man. Born on 30th  March 1982 in Ohio, USA as Jason William Dohring to Laurie and Doug Dohring, Jason was brought up in a large family consisting of a pair of twin brothers and a pair of twin sisters.


Jason had expressed his thoughts on being the only non-twin in the family saying, "You know, I didn’t know any different. It was great — I have a really great family and I still live at home — I have an apartment down in San Diego, but my wife and I kind of have a little part of the house in L.A"

On a lighter note, he continued, “Well, I think it would be hard to get someone who looks as good as me if that’s what you’re asking.”

Family values were instilled in Jason at a very young age.  And later on, after he became a father he learned some important lessons. When asked about the biggest life lesson he learned from being a parent, he answered, “Love, even when you don’t feel like it.”

And it seems he is giving his children lots of love and attention. In an interview, a while back he said," I grew up on dirt bikes since I was a little kid. My son, we just got him his the first electric little motorcycle that he can ride even in the parks. He’s three years old and he just got his first bike, so we enjoy daddy-son time in the park, and I’m teaching him to ride.”    

Talking about his wife, he said,

"She’s so cool! She’s about 5’1″, a [laughs] small person. I don’t know, man — we’re just really good friends. She’s actually a painter, and she’s very good. I don’t even have to PR her because her work is just so good. It speaks for itself."

Jason Dohring Marital Relationship

Talking about their relationship history, he continued, "Actually we were friends for about two years before we actually started dating. Then only we got married after that."

He started dating his soon to be the wife, Lauren Kutner in early 2004 and later married her on 7th July 2004. They have two children. Their first child, a son, Owen was born on 11th August 2010. Their second child, Lillian, was born on 5th October 2012.

He had also revealed his five favorite television shows and shared his opinion about each of them. He listed them as follows in no particular order.

Game of Thrones-"It's just an epic show. Wonderfully acted, gripping story and high-end production value."

Modern Family-"Granted a bit less drama than, say, Game of Thrones, but it's nonetheless very entertaining."

Veronica Mars-"A men gotta believe in himself, right?"

Deadwood- "Ian McShane's acting is effortless."

Eastbound & Down-"Because that dude just cracks me up."

So, the 33-year-old actor has been a father of two, a loyal husband, a caring brother, and son. And it seems like he has made his family proud. What more could you ask of a man?