Jason Behr and wife KaDee Strickland, married since 2006, planning on having more children??

September 7, 2015
First published on:September 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor Jason Behr, aged 41 and his beloved wife KaDee Strickland, who is also his former co-star from the movie The Grudge, welcomed their first child, Atticus Elijah Behr on October, 17, 2013. The couple was overjoyed after the birth of their son. The Anaconda star also said how happy she was to be a mother. She stated that the birth of her baby boy strengthened her relationship with her actor husband and she fell deeper in love with Behr.

The couple started dating in 2004 and they married in 2006. They have been together with each other since a decade and they have a perfect little family. But it looks like the proud parents want to bring one more member in their house. It seems as if the lovely pair is planning to add ‘a little bundle of joy’ in their lives.

The proud mother and a wife explained how parenthood helped intensify the bond of love between her and her handsome husband. The actor, who met his wife during the filming of their movie The Grudge in Japan, seemed exceptionally happy as he became a father for the first time. The love and respect between the couple seemed to have really climbed the ultimate height as they could not have enough of each other, all thanks to little Atticus.

Yes guys, rumor has it that the adorable couple is planning to become parents for the second time. We all love to hear or read the news of our favorite celebs getting hitched or having children, so whenever we get such information about them, our hearts leap with joy!! And all of us know that these kinds of scoops come from none other than sources who love to spill the beans about the personal lives of Hollywood celebrities. So you might have already guessed, from who we got this particular info.

An anonymous informant has informed us that the Dawson’s Creek actor and his wife are thinking of expanding their family. The secret source revealed that their son Atticus is growing up faster and he needs a younger sibling to play and spend time with. According to the insider, the Private Practice actress is very eager to have another baby because she feels that the bond between the couple would be stronger than ever. She thinks that the way Atticus strengthen their relation, the new child might bind the family ties even more strongly.

The gossipmonger added more to the gossip and said that Behr is also very keen to be a father for the second time and he is fully supportive of his wife. Both husband and wife are ready to start a new phase of their life, but there is one problem, said the source. Strickland wants a son while Behr wants a daughter.

The informant informed that the mother wants a baby boy who would be a friend and a companion for Atticus while the father wants a daughter as they already have a son.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see who their next baby will be!!!


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