Janet Evanovich's novel, Two for the Dough, being adapted into a movie?

HitBerryPublished on   15 Mar, 2016Updated on   15 Mar, 2016

Popular American author Janet Evanovich’s is finally going to see another work of her on the Silver screen. A desire the author had time and again expressed. The novel which is all set to be made into visual interpretation is “Two for the Dough”.

The Novel was first published in 1996 and is part of a series featuring the fictional bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum. Earlier in 2011 her novel featuring the bounty hunter was interpreted on the silver screen and the movie was titled “One for the Money”.

The lead once again is going to be Katherine Heigl who previously adorned the role of Stephanie Plum in 2011. Due to the huge fan base of the character from Janet’s novel producers think it will do better than its predecessor in the box office.

The movie has not yet gone under production but it is rumored that by the start of summer things will get up and moving. It is said that the very clinical approach is because of the not so satisfying success achieved by the earlier movie.

“Two for the Dough” in terms of popularity is a far more appreciated book than the movie. It remained on the top 150 list for thirty six weeks. On arrival, it became an instant bestseller and the people behind the movie expect it to have the same effect as the book had on the audiences.

In a survey taken among the readers of the book, more than sixty percent have said that they would love to see it interpreted on screen and they are rather looking forward to it. Janet, who is also working in close coordination with the developers of the movie thinks that it will do well and may even surprise many.

Janet’s books are widely read and she has one of the largest fan following among American authors currently. She is author to over 58 different works ranging from series in categories such as romance to suspense and even mystery.

She is also recipient to dozens of prominent awards and is one of the most distinguished female writers in the world today.

On a personal level, she is considered as being the rock of her family. She is also the employer of most of her family members. Her husband Pete and her children Peter and Alexandra all work for her. She has been married to her husband Pete for over fifty years and two years back they celebrated their golden jubilee in a lavish manner.

Janet is also one of the most followed authors in the world today on social media. She has over 700,000 followers on her social media. Janet also happens to be one of the richest American authors today. Her net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.