Jane Stoddard Williams's husband Brian Williams credibility problems are over now. MSNBC's super Anch

September 28, 2016
First published on:September 28, 2016
by HitBerry

Jane Stoddard William’s husband; Brian Douglas Williams, an American journalist who currently serves as a chief anchor and a managing editor for MSNBC. But there were some credential problems that he had to face recently. However, it seems like the thing is over now; and as to why he did it, the reasons are pretty obvious.


What did Brian Williams lie about?

The story concerned about him flying to Iraq in a helicopter that was hit by an RPG. But, the story ended up being a fake one and the bird he was in came after an hour later. In point of fact, there was actually a helicopter that was struck by an RPG, but the incident took place an hour before Brian’s arrival and that he was not in it. So, yea; he lied. 

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Later when media discovered that everything he told was a lie, he covered it up by stating “I was indeed on the Chinook behind the bird that took the RPG”, but he failed to note that his helicopter was behind the bird that took the RPG.

Why did he lie?

As a matter of fact, the reasons are pretty obvious. He did it to use the story to polish his credentials as a war correspondent, as a reporter and ‘as a man’. But hey, he failed and now people call him a liar instead. Furthermore, NBC no longer allows Brian to make public appearances over his false Iraq War Statements. 

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You know it was sorta brave of him to arrive an hour after the incident. I mean, he didn’t even need to lie about it. People would have just appreciated his work even if he was not in the bird. Media people are really confusing, I must say. But now that he has admitted, maybe it is over!! 

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Brian Williams Short-Bio

Brain Williams was born on May5th, 1959; in Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States of America. He graduated from ‘Mater Dei High School’ and attended ‘Brookdale Community College’. He later transferred to ‘The University of America’ and then ‘The George Washington University’. But he didn’t graduate and interned at ‘The administration of President Jimmy Carter’. 

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Brian Williams married Jane Williams on June 7th, 1986; at the ‘First Presbyterian Church’ of New Canaan, Connecticut. Together, they have a daughter named ‘Allison’ who is currently an actor in ‘HBO’s Girls’. In 1996, he was named ‘Father of the Year’ by the ‘National Father’s Day Committee’.  

Williams Family.

Williams Family.

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