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Jane Fearer and Morley Safer's life Before the death of Safer

July 15, 2016
First published on:July 15, 2016
by John

Hmmmm! It was heartbreaking to know about the news of Morley Safer’s death. The grief was more to his wife.

The legendary reporter had just retired from the news magazine 60 minutes and after 1 week of retirement he passed away at the age of 84 years.  He followed 46 seasons of the show. Safer was the long-term contributor to the magazine as he started working there since 1970.


His relation with his wife Jane Fearer was longer than his relation with the news magazine 60 minutes. Jane and Morley married in the year 1968. They were married for 48 years. The couple met for the first time on July 4, 1968, and at that time he was assigned there at London for the CBS.

They met at a dinner party which Safer attended with Walter Cronkite and his wife, Betsy. That was the moment when Safer saw his soul mate for the first time. He says-

She seemed pretty bright and she was very beautiful and I said: “Hey, you want to have dinner?” I said, “You want to have dinner with Walter Cronkite?”

She said, “Who’s Walter Cronkite?” I said – and she – my wife; she’s an anthropologist and she spent a couple of years living with – in a tribe of Indians in Colombia, so she really wasn’t clued into what was on television and all that.

And let me tell you how romantic Morley Safer was! He proposed Jane over the phone in such a situation while he was covering the civil war in Nigeria.It did not take a long time for both of them to recognize each other’s soul mate. Meeting on July 4, they married on October 28, 1968. In a short period of time, they felt the love for each other and were ready for never-ending love. What an interesting event! After a day of marriage, Morley had to leave for Israel and Egypt to cover the war of Attrition and a week later Jane joined him in Israel for honeymoon. Though the career was always a priority for Morley, their relation was solid like a stone which was unbreakable and they were together until the end.

Love birds Morley and Jane      Source: Heavy

Here is another video for you where Morley has described that his wife was uninterested in going to political conventions and how he used to compel her to attend the conventions. He says-

"Without giving away anything politically about my family or my wife or any of that, when we’re watching the conventions; when we’re watching the conventions, my wife – at one of the conventions – “I don’t want to hear this, I don’t want to hear this.” I said “No! You’ve got to hear it.”



After the death of Morley, the time might be much harder for Jane to stay without him but she is a strong lady and is enduring the situation. The couple has a daughter named Sarah Alice and she is a freelance journalist.  

Having the both Canadian/American citizenship, Morley was a Canadian/American broadcast journalist, reporter and correspondent for CBS news. He was born to an Austrian-Jewish family in Toronto, he attended Harbord Collegiate Institute and dropped out University of western Ontario to become a newspaper reporter.

With the long tenure in 60minutes magazine, he was widely known for it. The broadcast journalist who served for 60 years long was honored with numerous awards which included 12 Emmy awards, lifetime achievement awards, three Overseas Press Awards, three Peabody Awards, the Paul White Award, etc.

He was the one who never went to college did report in the street at the age of 19. Such a passion towards journalism made him A noteworthy person in the journalism field who was much curious towards his work with his sense of adventure and awesome writing.

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