Jamie Lloyd thinks charging more than £100 for a movie is outrageous.

May 5, 2016
First Published On: May 5, 2016
by HitBerry

We totally understand where Jamie Lloyd’s fury is coming from.

Jamie Lloyd expressed his dismay over the star cast causing a “massive problem” in ticket prices, driving a wedge between rich and poor. He presented his argument with the fact that arguing companies and producers “exploit” star names for profit as theatres cash in on fan fervor to sell seats at ever-increasing prices. He further argues that high tickets price are acceptable only if they’re balanced out for cheap seats for others.

Director Jamie Lloyd.                                   Source: LONDONIST

In an interview with The Stage, Lloyd addressed this problem,

“There are a lot of companies and producers out there who will… effectively exploit the profile of actors   in a show by charging tickets that are soaring way past the £100 mark, which I think is outrageous."

Telegraph UK recently conducted a poll on the same matter “Would you pay £100 for a ticket to the theatre?” to which 81% out of 100% people voted for “No - it's far too much money for one show.”

Lloyd’s new production “Doctor Faustus” that stars Kit Harrington, of fame Game of Thrones,regularly charges up to £85 for seats, subsidizing £15 tickets for Monday evenings.

Kit Harrington in Lloyd's Doctor Faustus.             Source: Telegraph UK

Lloyd added a tendency to allow tickets to go above £140 without subsidies to even it out, he added:
“It’s corrupt and it needs to be addressed.”
He further revealed his fear of theatre being a pastime only for a wealthy elite,
"Theatre should be for everyone, regardless of their background. Producers and companies who let prices spiral out of control send out a message that theatre is a luxury experience, which is deeply problematic."