James Hinchliffe's girlfriend, Rebecca Dalton, get to know her; how's their relationship?

July 20, 2017
First Published On: July 20, 2017
by HitBerry

IndyCar driver James Hinchliffe is pretty amazing with the wheels on the track. The 30-year-old James is not only famous for his racing career but also is recognizable for his participation in the dance show.

Apart from his records on the track, you might be eager to know about to know his personal life. Let's take a rest from his racing career and let's focus on his personal life. So whom is he dating in these days?

James Hinchliffe's dating actress Rebecca Dalton

If you are a big fan of racing, then you must be familiar with the name James Hinchiffles. Recently James is hitting the news and it's not about IndyCar Series and "Dancing with the Stars" show. Hinchliffe's have finally found his lucky day.

Canadain born racer is currently dating prom dated-turned -actress Rebecca "Becky" Dalton in recent years. and the internet is not stopping to praise the love of this lovebird.

One surprising fact about this couple is that Dalton and James went to the Prom together after Hinchcliffe's girlfriend dumped him. After the ages of their, they are together as a couple in recent years. Dalton who appeared in Hallmark Channel movies is in a serious relationship with the racer.

Rebecca Dalton and James Hinchcliffe before prom in 2004., source:WTHR

Looks like James is driving her crazy. If we scroll down the Instagram of James you will find him dropping lovely pics with his current girlfriend.

Well, their relationship is not just a fling. Some resources have reported that this duo recently bought a house together.

In an interview, when James was asked about Dalton, he gushed and said:

Our ability to laugh together is what attracted us right from the get go, "And we're both very driven.

He further added:

"I put my life on the line to compete."

You will be suprsied to know when this duo is in a serious relationship Jamea mother called Dalton "a sugar-coated arsenic pill."

As for now, their relationship is going strong as always. We hope in near future, we can hear news about their marriage.

James Hinchliffe's girlfriend Rebecca Dalton, know about her

You all are familiar with James and his racing career, but do you know about his new girlfriend? Dalton herself is one mature and independent women, you might be her fan if you know more facts about her.

Rebecca Dalton, source: DailyEntertainmentNews.com

Dalton was born in Canada in 1989 and her sister is the vice president of the Vancouver based financial services company.As she grew up, from the early age Rebecca used to do TV commercials.

But the actress finally made her acting debut in  2010 TV series Unnatural History. This was the beginning of her success as she got a role in movies like My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Lost Girl, Life with Boys and much more.

Looks like the 28-year-old actress has a promising future. With bright career ahead and a lovely husband, her personal life is going full steam ahead.