James Hetfield's daughter might have career in music!! Hetfield and wife Francesca being supportive

September 1, 2015
First published on:September 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Sure, her father might be one of the biggest names in the heavy metal music world, but that doesn't make Cali Hetfield any less amazing. The 16 year old daughter of the Metallica lead singer recently sang a cover of Adele's "Crazy For You" and awed the audience. The duo appeared in the Acoustic-4-a-cure concert.  And we think that she should definitely to start her own music career. The girl is blessed with a very talented father and maybe his music genes were passed down to her because the way she sang Adele's song from her album, "19" we could have been sure she at least had some training. Maybe she could be Adele's protégé and the next big thing in the music industry.

And she obviously has a great and supporting family. Her mother, Francesca Hetfield (nee Tomassi) has been married to James for almost a decade. And the husband and wife even renewed their vows in 2004. James also has the letter "F" (for Francesca) tattooed on his right hand. James has said multiple times that his wife has always been supportive of him and that she helped him grow out of his anger issues and helped him be a better man. So, there's just no way she wouldn't support Cali.

Cali has two siblings, 15 year old Castor and their little sister, Marcella (age 13). The public doesn't know much about whether or not the siblings are musically talented but if they are, their house would be full of music awards (maybe even a few grammys?) And the family's net worth would skyrocket. And they could appear together for family interviews, it'd be amazing.

And her father is definitely very supportive of her, I mean he wouldn't invite her onto the stage if he did not believe in her.

Her thrasher father joined the second annual Acoustic-4-a-cure, a benefit he started with Sammy "Red Rocker" Hagar. Before Hetfield joined the show, Billboard had announced that he was going to perform at the show in San Francisco. The day of the performance, Hetfield, who was already on stage invited his daughter to join him. The crowd cheered her on as she entered and she was met with a loud "Hello, Cali!" And as the Metallica frontman ditched his growling voice (that everyone loves), and started to strum a softer note on his guitar, his daughter broke out into Adele's "Crazy For you." And boy, her voice was amazing, the crowd roared and supported her on.

And not just that, ever since their performance at the show, videos of the duo have been popping out everywhere and the internet has been going crazy about the performance.

Apart from the Hetfields, James' co-host Red Rocker, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Jerry Cantrell and many other artists were also present on the show.

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