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James Haggar Wife Naga Munchetty, Keen Golfer, Fires Back at Racist Comment on her Twitter and TV

September 17, 2017
First published on:August 6, 2016
by John

Naga Munchetty is an English journalist and a news reader. Regardless of her career as a journalist, Munchetty has an interest in playing golf and she even won the Hertfordshire De Paula Cup in 2012 at Bishop’s Stortford Golf Club; which makes her quite a keen golfer.

Wife of James Haggar, she is more of a person who doesn’t like it when people post abusive stuff about her on social sites; and to which she hits back at racist comments on her Twitter and TV.

Did Naga Munchetty really fight back regarding abusive comments she got?

It strikes as if that really happened. An article in daily mail suggested how she hated when people are more abusive than they should be. Naga stated that she accepts criticisms and understands that it’s a part of her role; however, she can’t stand it when people cross limits. Sounds fair to me, though.

InstagramNaga Munchetty

People have even criticised about her glasses, her hair and other offensive sexual remarks. But she is a person who hits back; she replies to most of the things and even tweets with a trademark ‘BLOCKED’.

Once, she was criticised by yet another tweet stating that she was the ‘Worst News Presenter’ ever. But she re-tweeted by saying ‘Oh What a shame you don’t like me, you sound like the nicest person *ever*.

Furthermore, Naga was also told that “Your rubbish at Job”. But she confronted the tweet by correcting the grammar and writing “You’re rubbish at spelling. BLOCKED”. It sounds amazing how she managed to troll the criticizer back.

Naga Munchetty's tweet.

Another seeming abuser referred her hair as ‘Lego hair’ and asking why she wore glasses and making an offensive remark about her breasts. But she didn’t take this much seriously and replied by saying “Hello Egg. BLOCKED”.

Another troll wrote; “She is terrible”, but guess what she wrote back? She just simply replied, “Have a lovely day”. She is really kind but people are too stupid to admit that she is.

Is Naga Munchetty really a Keen Golfer?

She is indeed a really good Golfer. In an interview, she once confirmed that Golf changed her life and she plays at least 5 times a week. Naga’s passion towards Golf started when she turned 8.

She has appeared in games like Pro-Am events, BMW PGA Championship and Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open where she made up to the final day of the tournament.

Naga Munchetty, Source: Mirror

Let's watch this video.

Youtube: Nigel Freemantle, Anthony Franklin, and James Haggar

Naga Munchetty’s Fashion Secret

By looking at her photographs, it seems like she has a good taste in fashion. There is this picture of her when she wore Kenzo ‘Eyes’ dress and it caused a stir among viewers.

In an interview, she was asked a couple of questions concerning her style. Naga stated that she likes being simple and elegant with a twist, and furthermore adding to it by saying “I like clothes that make me smile”.

Naga Munchetty with her Kenzo 'Eyes' dress on that most of the audiences loved. However, some hated it.. Naga Munchetty, Source: Daily Mail

Naga Munchetty with her Kenzo 'Eyes' dress on that most of the audiences loved. However, some hated it.

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