James Denton (Mike Delfino) Marriage With Wife Erin O'Brien Denton and Divorce with Jenna Lyn Ward

HitBerryPublished on   07 Aug, 2016Updated on   08 May, 2017

James Thoams Denton Jr.  commonly known as James Denton has played a distinguished role in American comedy-drama TV series Desperate Housewives. He is also quite well-known for the past relationships he has had with his former wife Jenna Lyn Ward.

James Relationship with Deana Carter

The couple met each other during their high school days. The couples were rumored  to be together and milfmom25 took the opportunity to personally ask about the rumors spread regarding the duo being a relationship with one another. James cleared the air and confirmed that the rumor was indeed true. It is also said that the country music artist Deane’s 1995 hit song “Strawberry Wine” was dedicated to the couple.

Deane was previously married to singer Chris DiCroce (1995 to 2001) and Brandon Malone in the year 2009.

Denton’s past relationship with his first wife Jenna Lyn Ward

Denton was married to actress Jenna Lyn Ward from 1997 to 2000. Jenna has played notable roles in movies such as The Untouchables, Seven Days and Missing Persons. The couple had no children together.

James Denton with his first wife Jenna Lyn Ward

James Denton with his first wife Jenna Lyn Ward

Denton and his second wife Erin O’Brien

53-year-old Denton was married to fitness expert Erin O’Brien in 2002. The former couple has two children together, a 13-year-old son named Sheppard and an 11-year-old daughter named Malin .Hollywood Today Live reports that both the father and son would be seen sharing a screen space together in a new hallmark film, For Love and Honor.


According to Experience Life, Denton and O'Brien met in 2000 and it was the second marriage for both of them. According to StatTribune, the dashing actor who acts as the main character in Desperate Housewives, while watching season 6 and 7 with his wife Erin, she turned towards him and said: "You have to learn how to act again, dude". His response was in just three words - That's a good advice.

James was announced the sexiest man alive in 2004 by People.

At present, Erin O’Brien works as the owner and program director of Bring It studios  in Chanhassen, Minnesota. She is also the owner of Cross fit Chanhassen. Erin has also published her own DVD named “Complete Pregnancy Fitness” which acts as a guide for pregnant women before and after birth.


Husband Denton, wife Erin, and children shift to Chanhassen from Hollywood

In 2013, James Denton and his family movies to Chanhassen, Minnesota from Hollywood, Los Angeles. According to Daily Mail, he was eager and desperate to take his family away from LA and settle their children to a better school.

James and his wife Erin

James and his wife Erin