Jalen Rose Married and Living Happily with their Children; Know about his Current Relationship

Jalen Anthony Rose is an American former professional basketball player who is currently working as a sports analyst for ESPN. Jalen Rose started playing professionally since 1994 and retired in the year 2007. Leaving professional career aside, is Jalen Rose married?


Jalen Rose professional life is successful and people grew their interest in his personal life to know about the inner information of the basketball player Jalen Rose. Today, we will let you know about his relationship and more.

Is Jalen Rose married?

The handsome hunk, Jalen Rose has successfully won the hearts of millions and is increasing day by day because of which people have grown their interest to check whether the player is married or not. It's tough to find out his marital life too.

When we surf around his twitter, Jalen Rose posted a picture with Molly Qerim on 8th July 2016. He clearly mentioned her as "wifey". Does that make any sense? Does it mean Jalen Rose and her girlfriend Molly Qerim are married?

Rose has always been in the controversies of his personal life. He is the father of beautiful Mariah Rose, wait, who's the mother of the child?  Is he previously married? As per sources, Rose's wife is Alexandra Rose who is the mother of the child. The rumors crossed the boundary thus Jalen shut the rumors through his twitter post.


[ CAPTION: Jalen Rose and Alexandra Rose ][ SOURCE: PicsHYPE ]

Even though he claimed that he has never been married, there are still many rumors about him getting married and divorced. However, Rose became the father of Mariah Christian Rose who was born on July 14, 2000, to Jalen and his then lady, Mauri Goens in Indianapolis.

Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim

Jalen Rose keeps all of his personal information locked in the box and rarely speaks to the media. At the moment, Rose is dating NBA media personality Molly Qerim. The news of Rose and Qerim dating got confirmed after Rose posted a picture on his twitter on 30 June 2016. Also, check out his twitter posts that include Molly Qerim…

Also, you can check Qerim’s official Instagram account. She posted numerous pictures with Rose. These photos reflect that the couple is happy with each other’s company. Check out the pictures…

Molly Qerim on Eminem's Campaign Speech

The king of rap, Eminem has made a trend to mention the important people of his life in his songs. Recently, he mentioned Donald Trump, George Zimmerman, Edward Norton and Molly Qerim in his track "Campaign Speech".

[ CAPTION: Eminem's 'Campaign Speech ][ SOURCE: Fuse TV ]

In the last 20 seconds, he mentioned Molly in his track. Check out the lyrics here…

My patience is wearing thin

Swear I been contemplatin' rubbing shit in your face 'til I smear it in

Diss you in every lyric until you fear the pen

And never appear again

If you actually had fucking careers to end

But then I think of Molly Qerim and I steer ‘em in that direction and forget my ideas for them

Molly, I'm gone off you

Man, light some kush

You're my first take, I'll nail you

After listening to the seven-minute, Campaign Speech, Rose says that it's all love for the legendary MC and fellow Detroit represent. However, Molly Qerim has not reacted on this particular topic.

Ten Facts about Jalen Rose

1. Jalen Rose's full name is Jalen Anthony Rose.
2. Jalen Rose was born on January 30, 1973, and is 45 years old.
3. Jalen Rose was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States.
4. Jalen Rose started his professional career in 1994.
5. Jalen Rose's net worth is around $60 million.
6. Jalen Rose's birth sign is Aquarius.
7. Jalen Rose has been dating sportscaster Molly Qerim.
8. Jalen Rose got retired in 2007/
9. Jalen Rose raised two daughters and a step-son.
10. Jalen Rose is 6 feet 8 inches tall.