Jake McDorman and girlfriend Analeigh Tipton going through a rough patch?

September 1, 2015
First Published On: September 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Last year, actor Jake McDorman and model turned actress Analeigh Tipton created lot of buzz as rumors about their fling circulated all around the media. The rumors surfaced as the heartthrobs starred together in ABC romantic comedy drama Manhattan Love Story as on-screen couple. During the show, the lovely stars got super close to each other and US Weekly reported that they had started dating. The paparazzo captured pictures of the duo kissing each other during an US Open match in New York that same year. After their alleged hook up several reports suggested that the Crazy, Stupid, Love actress might have split with her former fiancé Aaron McManus for Jake.

Though the couple hasn’t really spoken about their alleged relationship publicly but the reports and the couple frequently seeing each other suggested that they were indeed together. Despite everything, the fans of the on-screen pair were really very happy to know that they were dating each other. But it seems like the love between these two cutie pies is in danger.

Report has it that Shameless star and his girlfriend are having some relationship issues and they are in the verge of splitting. We do not know the exact reason but a source very close to the duo came forward to give us the much needed information about the ongoing problem between them.

The anonymous source, who spilled the secret behind the rumor, claimed that the reason for the misunderstanding in Jake and Ana’s love life was their professional life. We all know that actor McDorman is all set to star as the lead role on a TV spinoff of 2011 movie Limitless and he was chosen by Oscar nominated actor Bradley Cooper personally. Cooper portrayed the role of the male lead in the movie. It is being said that Jake is on the Seventh Heaven right now as he got to meet and interact with famous Cooper. The insider also revealed that the actor has his eyes on Hollywood big screen. The talented, young actor desires to get the success that Bradley achieved in the movie industry. The informant went on with the information that his ambition and dreams has been bothering his partner Ana.

The actor seems really obsessed by the Hollywood and Cooper as he admitted in an interview how Cooper’s enthusiasm for the series was contagious and how he had been a great resource. While Jake is all set to star in the TV spinoff Limitless, his America’s Next Top Model girlfriend has bagged a lead role in filmmaker Craig Goodwill’s psychological thriller Sadie. Despite getting a titular role in a movie, the actress, according to the informant is still in a struggling phase and she is quite happy with whatever success she has got in the field of modeling and acting.

If we believe whatever the source said then Ana is very much eager to start a family with her boyfriend. She was engaged with her former boyfriend as she wanted to have a decent love life but it seems like Jake is not interested to get married or have kids. He is quite young and he wants to make big name by establishing himself at the height of the film industry. So if the rumors are true then the couple’s fans will be really heartbroken.

Jake is currently busy promoting his upcoming show “Limitless” among his fans via Twitter and Instagram.