Jaguar F-Type Performance, Design, Features, Models and Price

April 19, 2017
First Published On: April 15, 2016
by HitBerry

F-Type is luxurious and high-performance car by Jaguar. It is a two-seater car, the successor of E-Type. The F-Type is re-built from the XK design, so is also the replacement for Jaguar XK.

Jaguar, the British Car Manufacturer launched F-Type models in the car line. The F-Type was started since 2011 and is now launching new models a year. Recently, Jaguar launched F-Type SVR with better features and options.

F-Type Coupe and Convertible

The F-type’s handling, performance and build design makes it exceptionally desired car. With two designs – Coupe and Convertible, the car is powered with 3.0-liter supercharged V-6, and six-speed manual gears, and eight-speed in automatic. The F-Type is integrated with all-wheel drive for off roads.


The F-Type cars are built with a lightweight aluminium body, making a car more ideal in the sports category. The design is rigid and is a counterpart to high-end engine performance. The carbon ceramic matrix brakes are optional for F-Type cars. The brake features six-piston rear brakes and 20-inches alloy wheels.

F-Type front

The standard F-Pace model by Jaguar features all-wheel drive with intellectual driveline dynamics that offers better off-road driving and balancing car in unbalance road. Also, this mechanism builds confidence in handling. The steering is responsive as it is electrically assisted to provide a better connection between road and hand.


Framework of F-type

The design of F-Type is beautiful. The front splitter manages airflow under the car and a deployable spoiler automatically rises up to reduce life by 120 kg. The spoiler rises when speed is over 100 km/h. Fast is it! The top of a convertible car is fast too. It can be raised or dropped just in 12 seconds. The owner could choose the roof type too; it comes with aluminium, panoramic glass or carbon fibre roof.

The lights used in F-type are adaptive. The light changes according to the surroundings. The advance system processes speed and angle of the wheel, and then spins the lamp outward or inward for efficient cornering. The rear lights are built in LED tech with wide width and proportions.

In-Car Features

F-Type interior design

For the safety of the driver, the car features two front and two rear airbags. The car features assisted parking, a part of vision package that works with a smart system, camera and audio parts. The system is designed to aid with an audible warning when the presence of objects is detected nearby. It also works in a reverse. Also, the blind spot monitor is integrated with the exterior mirror. It helps to find out the presence of another vehicle nearby with high speed in the highway.

F-Type Models and Price

The Jaguar F-Type comes in 14 different models, 7 different models in coupe and convertibles: F-Type ($65400), F-Type Premium ($69900), F-Type S ($82200), F-Type S AWD ($89700), F-Type R ($108250), F-Type SVR ($128800), and F-Type British Design Edition ($95200).