Jackie Ibanez Net worth, Annual Salary and Career - Fox News Anchor and Host

Jackie Ibanez is working since a long time and grabbing the attention of more and more people day by day. Looking at her quantity and quality of work she does, she surely earns lots of money. It is said that she has an extreme pay with help to grow her net worth more and more each year. Her estimated net worth is $1 million.

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Jackie Ibanez started her professional career from the year 2006 and still working with same energy and enthusiasm. She first worked for WWLP-TV as producer and then later as a reporter and an anchor. She worked for WWLP-TV for almost three years and the joined Coltrin and Associates as a managing director.

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Jackie Ibanez after working in Coltrin and Associates left media after having certain disputes but returned back in 2012. After she came back she started in 'News 12' and worked there for years and then joined 'FOX News Channel' in 2014. She took the post of correspondent and has been working since then.

Jackie Ibanez is married and has two daughters. There is no rumor of divorce in her life as her relation has got essential elements that's trust and mutual understanding. She and her husband take good care of their family and also made plans to have more kids in coming future.