Jackie Guerrido's and ex-husband Don Omar, married from 2008 to 2013, friendlier after getting divorced

August 31, 2015
First Published On: August 31, 2015
by HitBerry

Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, songwriter and actor, Don Omar and Primer Impacto presenter and former weather forecaster Jackie Guerrido who were married for almost two and a half year, separated from each other after a legal process of two years. The former partners, who got married in April 2008, started the divorce process on March 25, 2011. Several of their celebrity friends had attended their wedding. But their marriage took on a nasty turn as Jackie accused him of abusing her. Their divorce was finally finalized back in 2013. Though the hectic divorce procedure ended after an extremely lengthy time, it was not that easy for either of the party.

Omar who was accused by his former wife of alleged abuse, had to pay her $3.7 million in the divorce agreement. Omar was apparently heartbroken, sources said back then but Jackie was said to be having the time of her life emotionally. It was said that the millions of dollars which she received for annulment was the real reason behind it. A few of Omar’s devoted fans even criticized Jackie for being benefitted from the divorce and went far enough to claim that Jackie’s life was set for as long as she lived. Some of them even fully spoke out on the Latin singers favor as they felt that the amount of money required to pay was too much for their short lived marriage. They did not have any kids.

After the much awaited verdict, both Jackie and her ex-husband took to Twitter and posted some cryptic tweets.

"Never blame the other person," Jackie wrote. "Good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience, and the best people leave you memories."

Whereas Omar tweeted: "My future has always been better than my past, that's why I always walk on forward without fear."

Despite their bitter break-up, several fans were truly heartbroken and could not take in the fact that, the couple were no longer together. We all feel the same when a Hollywood couple split nastily.

Omar and Jackie might have broken up but they still share the feeling of mutual understanding. The couple reached an agreement after the divorce that left both parties on good terms.

The singer expressed his feelings about the divorce situation and said that there was more admiration and respect between him and his ex-wife rather than love while in an interview with the television show "Al Rojo Vivo".

The Puerto Rican singer told the show, "I think that if today I can be completely happy in this separation time from my divorce, it is because we both love what we do. We loved each other at that time, we got married, we tried to make a life together, but the best thing about this is that we still love what we do. She'll always be my first wife. Always".

It is believed that the singing sensation had always been out of luck in love and marriages but the Nenas En Jeans hit maker is quite lucky to have a fit and perfect body, the snaps of which he regularly posts on Instagram. He is currently dating Gabriela.