Jackie Evancho Dating a Secret Man, know about her Relationship

September 11, 2017
First Published On: September 11, 2017
by HitBerry

Jackie Evancho, who has earned name and fame at the small age with her classical crossover singing skills. She published seven Albums which consists of platinum and gold album and three of them are Billboard 200.

Jackie was featured as a runner up in the show American's Got Talent season 5. She is a young solo artist for Platinum-selling album with O Holy Night.

Is Jackie Evancho Dating a Boyfriend?

Getting into Jackie's dating life, many of you might be curious to know about her affairs. She is a 16-year-old kiddo who might be involved in relationship or she is not let us know it...

Jackie priors about her privacy more than any thing and she likes to keep it off the media people for now. She recently opened up about her boyfriend but not his name. Jackie is keeping her boyfriend private.

Jackie Evancho in Celibrity Fight Night. Jackie Evancho in Celebrity Fight Night.
Source: Healthy Celeb

Jackie has not revealed the name of her boyfriend but then she told that she has a very sweet boyfriend now.

Jackie's ex-boyfriend dumped on snap chat which influenced her new album.  she told that:

“Writing the songs for this album was like therapy. I was dating someone for two years and went through a terrible breakup in November. It felt like my world was ending, which is what the song ‘Apocalypse’ represents. He broke up with me over Snapchat! And he cheated on me with two other people. I coped by spending time with family and friends, shopping and watching Netflix. I learned for the future.”

Jackie was with her boyfriend in her sister Juliet's Instagram account post, but the name of her boyfriend is not yet revealed.

Jackie Evancho with her sister and their boyfriends Jackie Evancho and  sister Juliet and their boyfriends
Source: Instagram

In the different interviews with people when they asked Jackie about how she balances her career and her personal life. she replied that:

'It wasn’t hard if you are dating the right person and she in fact right now has a lovely boyfriend'.

Hope for Jackie's  better future and her relationship with her boyfriend.