Jack Schlossberg, John F. Kennedy’s Only Grandson debuts In The CBS Crime Hit Blue Bloods As Officer Jack Hammer

May 13, 2018

John F. Kennedy’s only grandson makes his TV debut in the CBS crime hit Blue Blood as a cop, Jack Hammer. The 25 years old actor has not yet decided whether he will continue as an actor or become like his grandfather.


One and only grandson of John F. Kennedy, Jack Schlossberg, 25 has made his TV debut last night on the CBS crime hit Blue Bloods season finale on Friday night, May 11.

The Harvard Law School student appears in a brief role with one line that runs nearly 10 seconds on the screen starring as office Jack Hammer in long run series eight final.

Jacks on the debut night took his Instagram to share a photo dressed in cop uniform which he captioned “I don’t make the rules, I just pretend to enforce them-cash me tonight on season 8 finale of Blue Bloods my dream come true!! Best show in the entire world.”

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His 17.3k follower supported him, with like and comment, some compared him with his grandfather and other wish him the best luck in the comment box.

He also posts a video clip of him performing in the Blue Bloods captured in his TV screen. He reveals that his problem while performing behind the camera.

A line fraught with tension,” he wrote and we all know the first experience is always awful.


A line fraught with tension.

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Jack was born to parents Edwin Schlossberg and Caroline Bouvier Kennedy who have 2 more children elder daughter Rose and Tatiana. Though her older sister Rose, 29 has chosen acting career it is not clear whether he will follow her sister footsteps.

Last year in an interview, he indicated that he might be interested in a political career, like his grandfather JFK.