Jack McBrayer - Biography of 30 Rock and The Middle Actor

Jack McBrayer is a well-estbalished American actor and a comedian who is best known for his roles in TV series 30 Rock and The Middle.

Early Life

Jack was born on May 27, 1973 in Macon, Georgia. At the age of 15, he moved to another city in Georgia - Conyers, which is around 76 miles far from his birth town. He attended the University of Evansville to pursue a degree in Theatre Administration.


In 1995, he went to The Second City and IO Theater in Chicago to pursue a career in acting. He was a performer at Chicago's Second City E.T.C Stage. It was during this time where he met and got along with Tina Fey which landed him a role in 30 Rock.

His career started to be notably recognized when he joined the Late Night with Conan O'Brien Show. He portrayed various characters in the show which was highly appreciated.

Career Break-through

In 2006, he was provided with the role of Kenneth Parcell in the comedy TV series 30 Rock which stars multi-talented actors such as Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan. Initially his role was known to be a supporting character in the first two episodes of the series - later he became one of the prominent characters of the series.

Source : NBC

Source : NBC

He has  been able to make himself popular with his immense talent as a voice actor in major movies and cartoon series such as Wreck It Ralph, Phineas and Ferb (regular in season 2), Despicable me, Cooties, The Lorax etc. He has been known to be the voice of the lead character Wander from Wander over Yonder- an animated TV series on Disney Channel.

As of 2016, McBrayer has joined the team of the comedy sitcom The Big Bang Theory for their 10th season along with Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal. He will be playing the role of Penny's brother in the series. He was also spotted at the 2016 Comic Con in San Diego.

Apart from movies, he has also written articles for TV Guide (USA) - 2008 and The New York Times - 2010.

Awards and Nominations

Not only did 30 Rock change his career, but it also landed him with the 2009 Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a comedy series. He has had seven Screen Actors Guild (SAG) nominations and managed to win one SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in comedy series in 2008.

Personal Life

Jack was rumored to have been together with The Daily Show commentator Kristen Schaal, which turned out to be false. He is not known to have been in a relationship with anyone - neither he is gay.  43-year-old Jack plays a rather unusual instrument, the ukulele - most easily known as a smaller version of the guitar.  Among all 4 seasons, the 30 Rock actor prefers summer the best. As of 2014, the actor has moved to Los Angeles, California after selling his house in New York City.

Furthermore, Jack has spent around 7 years in Chicago and also has a wonderful Southern accent. He mimicked various accents during the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show.


The 5 feet 10 inches blonde actor's trademark is his smile and his southern accent.

Fan following

Although Jack is not very active on social media, he does appreciate the hard work and efforts his fans put up for him. Every sketch or a photo collage a fan draws for him, he takes this wonderful opportunity to thank his fans through either Facebook or Instagram. His fans equally adore him.


Problems working with Bryan Cranston

Bryan Craston, who played the lead role in Breaking Bad acted as the step-dad of Jack McBrayer in the show 30 Rock. During an interview with Vulture, he mentioned that he could missed a lot of takes and had to repeat it again and again just because Cranston was such an amazing actor to work with. Apparently, he was star strucked with Bryan which led him to nervousness.

Jack McBrayer's GIF's and Memes

Jack McBrayer's facial expressions and comedic roles in various series have entertained the audiences so much that numerous GIF's and memes has been published all over the internet.