It was something not expected what Muhammad Ali's Ex-wife Khalilah Camacho-Ali said upon his death

HitBerryPublished on   05 Jun, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

The death of the 74-year-old Boxing legend left many scars to his family, fans, and the whole world. Unlike Ali’s children who had nothing but praise for their father, his second wife Khalilah Camacho-Ali (previously called 'Belinda Boyd' ) had some revelation of her own.

According to her statement to Radar Online, Khalilah stated that Ali’s brother Rahman and son Muhammad Jr, are accusing Ali’s fourth wife Yolanda Williams (Lonnie), of cutting their relationship with Ali.

It was shortly after his symptoms of Parkinson’s disease started to show up in 1986, Ali was still married to his third wife Veronica when Lonnie moved to Ali’s neighborhood and started to nurse him daily. Lonnie supposedly must have seduced Ali or as we know, Ali might have fallen for her.

Muhammad Ali with his second wife Khalilah Camacho-Ali                                                Source: bonsbaisersdemiami

But, it was not only Khalilah who believes so. In fact, a girl named Kiiursti Mensah Ali  who is suspected to be Ali’s tenth child also blames Lonnie for their drift. According to her, Ali used to visit her and her mother until Ali married Lonnie after which the visit stopped.

"He stopped coming to see me. As the years went by he got sicker and sicker. She stopped him having a relationship with me. It’s been devastating."

But this was not all Camacho had to say of Ali. Despite everything, Ali was once connected to her life. In his passing, she wished him a final goodbye.

"He has no worries, no fights, no struggles, no battles. Now he is in a state where he does not suffer. There's no battles to fight and nothing to prove and nothing to gain. He's at peace”. She further added "I pray that he's in peace and he's in paradise and he doesn't have to suffer or struggle anymore. We had a great and wonderful adventure. Those times and memories I will never forget,"

The couple’s decade-long marriage from 1977-1987 involved Ali’s career defining moment and that moment when Ali needed someone to all his problems. In such case, Khalihah stated that she had helped shape Ali into the man he is today. Similarly, she also said that she used her college money for three years to help support their family. Together they had four of Ali’s nine known children.

Standing by Ali in his most arduous time Camacho had seen Ali fall and helped him stand again. Despite Ali’s affairs with other women, it seems Camacho still has nothing but praise for her late husband.

Muhammad Ali and his family                      Source: pininterest

Ali was known to have been in good terms with all his children. As such, her daughter Hana Ali and Rasheda Ali took to twitter to show their appreciation and the final farewell to their deceased father, the later even going so far as to call his father the greatest man ever to have lived.