Issac Nakash's relationship with Rachel Levin? Also, get to know him more

June 20, 2017
First Published On: June 20, 2017

Issac Nakash is a rising Instagram star and he has more than 621K followers on Youtube. We can say he is famous among girls. By his handsome looks and great body, he impressed everyone.

The 2o years old boy deal with small pranks to make people happy. After being linked with Rachel Levin he got much attention. Today, we will talk about his personal life.

Issac Nakash dated Rachel Levin in 2013.

Issac Nakash and Rachel Levin dated for more than two years. The couple posted some videos together due to which their affairs rumors flew. Apart from both being of similar age, their interest is also same. They dated in the end of 2013. Rachel also has her own Youtube channel Rclbeauty101.

Issac and Rachel Issac and Rachel    Source: Instagram

The couple is interested in video blogging and that was the reason how they started dating each other. You cannot deny that you are more likely to fall for the person with similar interest and hobbies. The love birds took over the town of their affairs. Go to their Instagram account and you will know that they had a good time together.

The 22 years old girl as well as Issac frequently shared their pictures on Instagram and said how happy they are to be together. Issac posted a picture on Instagram captioned, “#WCW to the best girlfriend in the whole world I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Rachel Levin Rachel Levin    Source: Instagram

Issac on Instagram Issac on Instagram    Source: Instagram

Also In Rachel’s birthday, he posted a picture and captioned, “Happy belated Birthday to my Queen! Hope you enjoyed it!”

Their posts and love made fans realize that they are not splitting but you never know how dramatic turn life can take. Issac had a meteoric rise in his career but his love life became something else.

Issac and Rachel Issac and Rachel   Source: Instagram

Rachel Levin announced breakup with Issac Nakash in Twitter

Everything was going fine. They loved each other, they enjoyed each other company spent quality time together but the couple broke up. The couple decided to move separate ways in 2016. Rachel made an official announcement on Twitter saying they are no longer together. However, the reason for their breakup is not revealed.

Issac and Rachel’s fans were more upset than them. Their fans began to comment about their relationship in every picture and video. That’s why Rachel took to Twitter to announce the decision formally.

Well, the couple is no more together but they seem to be friendly. They haven’t deleted their Instagram posts till now. Their fans are hoping for a patch up which doesn’t seem that easy now.