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Isabella Calthorpe and her husband, Sam Branson welcome a baby girl!

April 6, 2016
First published on:April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Isabella Calthorpe and her husband Sam Branson have welcomed their first child into their family. Sam happens to be the son of popular philanthropist and business mogul Richard Branson. Isabella is also very delighted with the birth of her newborn child whom they have named Eva-Deia Branson.

The name Eva that they have chosen for their child holds a special place in their heart as it also happens to be the name of Sam’s grandmother Eva Branson. She is ninety-one years old. Isabella and Sam are both in seventh heaven with the arrival of their child.

It is believed that they were trying for quite some time to have children. Having married a couple of years earlier all they were looking forward to was starting a family together. It took them a while but they have a child now and that’s all that matters to them now.

The events that followed up to the birth were quite a story. Their family members were scattered all around the world but they all managed to come together for the delivery. Sam’s father Richard has also said he has never seen Sam and Isabella looking happier. He has also mentioned that Sam was jumping with joy.

Isabella and Sam were married in what was dubbed as the nearly royal wedding. Her husband Sam also happens to be a filmmaker. It is believed that the couples are hoping to make more children in the coming years.

They are known to love children and it has been rumored that they want more children. Some even have suggested the couple aim for number three.

As a professional Isabella happens to be more of a socialite but is also known to model and feature in a few movies. However, she considers herself more of a stage actor than a screen actress. Although she has featured in a few movies like “Stage Beauty” and “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People”.

She has also worked on a few TV series, which includes: “Harley Street”, “Trinity” and “The Prisoner”.

Isabella comes from British royalty and is reportedly the 9th great –granddaughter of Kings Charles II. She was also the ex-girlfriend of Prince William. Isabella married Sam after she and William split. However, the events did not follow simultaneously but rather a hiatus of quite a duration prescribed itself on the ongoing affairs.

Isabella’s net worth remains to be undisclosed. However, most of her earnings are known to come from investment handed down by family and also through her various other involvements in film, TV and modeling.

She is also known for her philanthropy alongside her husband and his father Richard Branson. They have worked and set up various organizations to help the needy.