Isabel Preysler, whose children include Enrique Iglesias, having an affair with married Nobel Prize Winner

August 28, 2015
First Published On: August 28, 2015
by HitBerry

We always hear news, one way or the other, surrounding the singing sensation Enrique Iglesia.

I can be you hero breath away...

Boy that is one soothingly amazing song. However, this very time, it’s not about the Hero hit maker. Instead, it’s Isabel Preysler, Enrique's mother who is apparently on news.

Known as the 'Pearl of Manila', Preysler has now been rumored to be dating Peru’s Mario Vargas Llosa. After dumping his wife, llosa turned her eyes on old age beauty Preyler. Or it was due to her that he first took away his eyes? Nonetheless, the Nobel Prize winning writer was spotted saying to a magazine:

'Our relationship is going very well,' adding: 'I would prefer not to speak about my private life, and Isabel agrees.'

After attending a dinner hosted by Prince Charles in Madrid, circulating rumors about their possible love relationship came to limelight. Only two days later, the Nobel Prize literature winner, used his official Twitter account to confirm he had been seeing Preysler for eight months. Now that is an affair not heard of at this kinda age. As they say, nothing is impossible. Known as the 'Pearl of Manila' in Philippines and the 'Queen of Glamour' in Spain, Isabel was one of the most beautiful women of her generation attracting boys during her young age. No wonder Mario Vargas was attracted.

Preysler has apparently married three times; she met her first husband, Julio Iglesias when Iglesias was a teen footballer. The two have three children together which include Enrique. However, they separated in 1979. Preysler is still regarded for her youthful look even at this stage, which can be credited to her “active lifestyle' rather than surgeries. She also owns a face-cream company. She also features sporadically for the Hola magazine. Her second marriage was to Carlos Falco, whom she met at a place she now does not recall. She then went on to be get married to a high profile Spanish politician, Migguel Boyer. Boyer also had left his wife for Preysler. Man, she is one magnetic charm. Sadly though, her third husband passed away back in 2014. The two had reportedly first met in 1986 when she interviewed him for Hola!

Vargas Llosa is being heavily criticized in the Spanish press currently for his handling of the split with Patricia. I mean who would not? The two have three daughters together. Nonetheless, once he had a taste of Preysler, maybe everything else was well no matter. Born to a wealthy Filipino aristocrat, Preysler came to Spain as a teenager after winning a beauty pageant in Manila. The rest as they say is history. 

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