Is yoga teacher and actress Adriene Mishler dating anyone? What does she look for in a boyfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   16 Mar, 2016Updated on   16 Mar, 2016

In one of her interviews with ‘Get to know your Yogi,’ Adriene has stated that she indeed has a boyfriend.

One of the section of the interview where she was asked about the last song that she listened to a lot, she had replied that it was the song that her boyfriend often sings to her while playing a guitar. BTW it’s Bob Dylan’s 1976 hit ‘You Ain’t goin’ nowhere

I can listen to him play that song over and over and over again”, said Adriene which shows that she either loves the song very much or her boyfriend but we like to think it’s the latter. Adriene has not yet gotten married but this boyfriend might be someone who she is wishing to be her future husband.

Not much of her dating records have been revealed to the public. Her height is measured to be 1.68m and it perfectly fits her beauty. Adriene is considered one of the most beautiful yoga coaches around. Her age is still a mystery and not revealed but looking at her looks and her physique, he is estimate to be around 30 years.

Adriene Mishler is considered as one of the most dedicated yoga instructor that is matched by none. She is serious about her lessons and expects her disciples to be the same way. Her lessons can be seen online and one can easily see the difference between her and the lesson by others. Her yoga channel ‘Yoga with Adriene’ is very famous among yoga practitioners and new comers alike. Her YouTube channel has over a million subscribers and over 60 million viewers online which makes her one of the most popular online yoga instructors.

According to her, she became fascinated with yoga at the age of eighteen when she took a college course in Kundalini Yoga Class and has been promoting Yoga ever since. Adriene teaches yoga at the Salvage Vanguard Theater.

Adriene grew up in a theatre so she started acting early in her life. Her parents were also actors so gained firsthand knowledge and insight on acting.

In the popular online game DC universe online, Adriene Mishler has voiced multiple character such as Lois Lane, Super girl, Power girl and Raven.

Adriene has also appeared in some movies and TV shows. Her acting credit includes movies like Good Night (2013), Joe (2013) and TV shows like Friday Nights Light, American Crime, etc. She often appears in various shows as herself as a mean of promoting yoga. Adriene is a vegetarian.

Active in Instagram and Twitter, Adriene has many fan and followers and she often tweets about her fitness and benefits of yoga.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $600,000.