Is Xernona Clayton Married or Single; what happened After her Husband's death?

HitBerryPublished on   15 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

American Civil rights leader and broadcasting executive Xernona Clayton, she's known for her work during the Civil Rights movement with Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Clayton is also a television host, producer and a foundation chief of many organizations. Her civic movement and participation in the civil rights gave her a chance to come in public and gain popularity.

Xernona have won hearts of in millions because of her valiant work for civil rights. Her career and personal life never took a smooth road. Clayton passed away and after that what is her relationship status?

Xernona Clayton living happily after years of marriage

The history maker Xernonan Clayton is married to Paul L. Brady. B. After years of their relationship still, their marriage is going strong as always. There are not much of rumors about their break up in recent days.

Xernona's husband is the first American to be appointed as a Federal Administrative Law Judge in 1974. Bradly was previously married and have a son and a daughter named Paul Jr and.Laura.

Xernona Clayton , source: SaportaReport

There are not much of information about this couple on the internet. Their first encounter, how they started dating,  even their wedding day and much more information are still behind the curtain.

Xernona Clayton with her husband  Paul L. Brady, source: Atlanta Daily World

If we take a quick look at  Clayton's Instagram, she doesn't reveal much about her family as she shares from her work and with famous celebrities.

In 2015, Xernona Clayton celebrated her "Life to Remember" documentary with friends and famous name in politics.

Despite having all her ex-boyfriends present, Clayton said:

. “Thank you, Paul, for 40-some-odd years. You’ve made my life happy.”

The 80-year-old  Xernona was married to  Ed Clayton from 1957 until his death in 1966.

The forever-young Xernona is a wonderful wife and a mother. We hope to hear more news from Clayton's family in coming future.

Who is Xernona Clayton?

The founder, also a President and a CEO of the Trumpt Awards Foundation, Inc, she's an American civil rights leader and a broadcasting executive. During her presence on Civil  Rights Movement, Xernona worked along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Besides all these, Clayton is well known for her work on television for hosting shows like Prime Time Talk Show.

Before being one of the reowned personalities in the world,  Catlyon was just a normal girl in Muskogee. She earned her undergraduated degree with honors from Tennessee State Agricultural and Industrial College.

Xernona Clayton, source: Pinterest

Xernona began her career in Civil Rights Movement in Chicago with National Urban League in which she worked as an undercover to investigate the racial discrimination done on African Americans. It will be not wrong to call fearless women.

Hyundai Presents '#51MilesForward', A Reception Honoring The 50th Anniversary Of The 'Selma To Montgomery' March · Xernona Clayton, source: Getty Images

She worked under the direction of Martin Luther King for organizing events for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Catlyn is the first South African American to host a daily prime time talk show which was broadcasted on WAGA-TV.

Civil rights activist Xernona Clayton, source: Tulsa World

Trumpet foundation was started by Xernona, to honor the achievements of African Americans and civil rights advocates.

For her valient work in social work, Xernona has been awarded with  Bronze Women of the Year, Communications Woman of Achievement Award , National Assocaiation for the advancement for Colored People and the city of Atlanta.

Xernona Clayton, Source: Atlanta's Black History Makers

Xernona is an author of book  “been marching all the time,” in which she recalls her marches to beat of an racism.