Is Wil Anderson Gay? Find out his Past Affairs and Relationship

HitBerryPublished on   25 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Often when the celebrities' dating news doesn't come out in the media, they get dragged into several rumors. Some of the rumors include being gay and what not. Well, some of the celebrities deny it but some of them don't respond, and there are some who opens up about it publicly.

So, how about him? William James Anderson, an American comedian, a writer, podcaster, and a presenter, he's recently dragged into the rumors of being gay. Wanna know the truth?? Is he really Gay?

Is Wil Anderson gay?

American born comedian, Wil's news of being gay will probably shock fans. While the news of Wil Anderson incident in flight is a hot topic to gossip about, Anderson is dragged into another controversy. One of the favorite artists of Americans, Anderson is an unmarried man, and few dating records ended him on these rumors.

The 43-year-old Mike had some few records of dates in his past, but most of the time, he prefers to keep it inside the box. This raised several questions about his sexuality.

Wil Anderson, source: Art Gallery of Western Australia

In fact, Anderson is in his single life, and for past few years, he hasn't dated any women, despite being in his early 40s. As a result, fans suspected him as a gay.

Wait, before getting into the conclusion, we are saying he is a gay. We are just going with the rumors. Just, because he lay low when it comes to dating does not prove anything about his sexuality.

However, back in 2016, Anderson shared a tweet on legalizing gay marriage. Whether he tweeted it for revealing his sexuality or to support gay people, it is still the confusion.

Anderson, himself hasn't come out as a homosexual. Wil fans are more curious to know the truth. But it seems like, this rumor is false as there are few facts on this.

Wil Anderson Past Relationship and Love Affairs

After looking back at the dating history of Wil, he had a quite surprising revelation on his love affairs. The rumors of Wil Anderson, being gay seems to be j

In 2015, comedian Wil revealed that he dated Oscar Award Winning actress Nicole Kidman in 2003.

Wil Anderson reveals dating Nicole Kidman on the show, source: Daily Mail

The show Pony star, Anderson also admitted that he lined up for a date with Nicole while he was working at Triple J.

Nicole Kidman, source: Daily Mail

Wil added:

It was through the radio… We were interviewing on the radio and she said that every time she was seen with a guy they were obviously dating,'
'And I said next time you're in Australia, let's go on a date because that would be good for my reputation.'

Many of you might know that the date night turned into a boose party after Nicole and Wil had six beers between them.

Although Wil and Nicole didn't end up together, the 43-year-old, had a great night with this beauty.