Is Victoria Sinclair Single or Married? Who is she Dating currently?

HitBerryPublished on   18 Aug, 2017Updated on   18 Aug, 2017

Some times job becomes very hard, but when it comes to taking off your clothes as part of it then it's even harder. Let's imagine your job is to strip naked on a live show while you anchor the show. It will be a nightmare and be embarrassing at the same time but there are some people out there who actually made it possible.  You might have some hint what we are going to talk about today.

Naked News, a Canadain softcore pornographic subscription website is owned by eGalaxy Inc. In this news, there are a bunch of strippers who read actual news stripping themselves. It's very surprising that people are loving it.

Is Victoria Sinclair Single or Married?

Victoria Sinclair, a news anchor from the Naked News is a Canadian actress and was an instrumental in the program's development for many years. Victoria was the only one anchor at the beginning for this website. After few months, this unexpected news site racked millions of views overnight and was popularized entirely by word of mouth.

So is this Canadain beauty single? As she is one of the popular faces in the website, people want to know more about her. If she is not single,  is she married?

Victoria Sinclair, source: Flickriver

Victoria is among the celebrities who came into the limelight for few years and just vanished when days passed by. Sinclair left News anchor back in 2015 and since then she hasn't been active much.

If you take a quick look at Victoria's Instagram, she doesn't post much and doesn't share anything. It's pretty weird though.

Victoria Sinclair, source: bi.phncdn.

On the other hand, Victoria hardly drops any picture of her being cozy with other men. There is just the post of her from work and vacations.

Victoria Sinclair, source:

However, in an interview, Victoria revealed that her boyfriend works on eGalaxy Inc. Apart from these, no further information is there no this Canadian beauty love life.

However, some resources have revealed that she is still single.

We hope in near future Sinclair speaks more about her personal life.


Victoria Sinclair and Naked News

What a way to make a boring news into an interesting one. Along the reporters, anchor takes off their clothes while reading news. Attractive women on set and it's quite obvious that people will less focus on news. So what is Naked News?

Naked News is a soft porn program and site in which they get attractive women to read the news while they strip down completely.

Here is the censored video of Naked News.

This program was broadcasted on the website in Canada in 1999, billing itself "the program with nothing to hide."And after 30 years, thanks to desperate people around the world, this is still going on.

Victoria is the first anchor to strip down for Naked News and in an interview with Victoria, she said that it was never easy for her to do that. It took lots of years to be used to it. And also revealed that during news anchoring only cameraman, soundman, and anchor are present in the room.

In recent days there are only eight anchors as Victoria left the program in 2015.