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Is Victoria Pattinson dating anyone? Is she married?

March 28, 2016
First published on:March 28, 2016
by HitBerry

Victoria Pattinson, the elder sister of Robert Pattinson is not heard to be married yet. There are no such rumors about the marriage of Victoria and even we don’t know whether she is dating someone or does have boyfriend or not. The personal as well as professional life of Victoria has not been disclosed yet.

Victoria might be at the age of 35 but she is still single. If she had been married then we could know about it as she is the sister of superstar Robert Pattinson. Victoria has not been engaged with any one, if she had then we could have heard about the news of her wedding. Being an unmarried woman, she does not have a husband.

Victoria is a beautiful lady, so she has probably dated many young guys but the news is not there. Life of Victoria is at very low profile. But yes it’s sure that she loves her brother as she shows concern towards her heartbroken brother. She frequently appears with Robert in award shows.

Victoria is the older child among three children where her younger sister is an English singer and songwriter. She grew up in Barnes suburb of London. Her father, Richard Pattinson used to import vintage cars from America and her mother worked for a modeling agency. Almost all of the members of her family are in entertainment field, but she is still back in the world of entertainment.

Victoria’s twitter shows that she is engaged in entrepreneurship. Maybe, her interest is different than her other family members. It’s not necessary that the sister of actor and singer must be in the entertainment field too. Every individual is different, and has its own worth and dignity in the same way, Victoria has her own worth.

It had been in the news that Victoria had not got over Kristen Stewart and her affair with Rupert Sanders. She was worried that Stewart would hurt her brother Rob again. She still does not trust Stewart after her summer affairs. She felt that Stewart embarrassed the whole family by cheating on Rob so publicly. Also Stewart went to the sisters Victoria and Lizzy to apologize but the sisters are not ready to open up arms for her. Even, Rob had tried to convince her sisters about forgiving Stewart and moving on but they were not ready. And it seems Victoria and Lizzy won the matter later because Stewart and Rob get separated and Rob was recently engaged with London-based singer and songwriter and dancer FKA Twigs.

We want Victoria to always support her younger brother and sister and soon she would get success in her life and earn the name and fame like Rob. Victoria has never appeared in movies and the net worth of Victoria has not been disclosed yet.

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